BLU-U Blue Light Therapy

BLU-U or blue light therapy is an extremely effective, safe non-drug, non-antibiotic treatment option for active acne.  This treatment is safe for all skin types and extremely well tolerated for anyone who desires a non-invasive, natural option to treat acne.  At Dermablue, we find Blu U treatments to be extremely effective as an add on treatment to your acne routine.

Is Blue-U therapy Safe?

Yes, Blu-U is a safe and gentle treatment with little discomfort and minimal downtime.  It is not hot and not painful at all.  Since it is not a drug, there are no drug-related side effects to worry about.

Blu-U light alone is FDA cleared for a light alone treatment of moderate ‘inflammatory’ or ‘red’ acne.

What to expect:

Blu-U treatments are simple.  You just have to sit with your face close to a blue light for a short time, typically 16 minutes, one or two times a week.  The length of the treatment course varies based on the severity of your acne.  Blu U therapy can control your acne for a long period of time!  It is very important to wear sunscreen and protective clothing after your treatments.