Melasma is a frustrating problem that affects many women, and rarely men. It most commonly occurs as a combination of hormonal influences (pregnancy, birth control pills, hormone replacement) and sun exposure. Brown patches form over the face, predominately over the cheeks, upper lip, and forehead. It is a frustrating problem that does not respond easily to topical therapy or laser treatment.

The Spectra laser can be used to treat melasma and brown spots successfully in conjunction with a recommended topical skin care regimen. During a series of treatments, the Spectra destroys abnormal brown pigment associated with melasma patches, restoring a more uniform skin complexion with improved skin texture and pore size. Originally developed in Korea, the laser has been tested safely and successfully in darker skin types. The treatment itself has no downtime and little if any side effects. 

** Results are 50% better after 4 treatments

$295/treatment  OR Package Buy 4 get one free ($1,180.00)

Scheduled Time: 30 min                    

Treatments Needed 10-12