Tattoo Removal:

Painting of the human body goes back to the beginning of recorded history, and thus the removal of unwanted tattoos has probably been around that long as well.   The variety of techniques used to apply tattoos is staggering; the source of the ink, where on the body the tattoo is applied, colors and designs used, even the depth into the skin can vary dramatically.  This can make tattoo removal extremely challenging and requires the best possible laser technology and experience.

Spectra Laser Tattoo removal uses laser energy to significantly lighten or completely remove your tattoo.  Ink particles are specifically targeted by laser energy and broken into small fragments, so your body can naturally absorb the pigment over time.  Because Tattoo ink is deposited deep into your skin, it takes several treatments to completely remove the tattoo.  At Dermablue, we offer the best technology to deliver the best results because the spectra laser has different wavelengths of light energy to target ALL COLORS of ink and ALL TYPES of ink.  Even if you have not had great results in the past with tattoo removal, we can likely improve your results.