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Looking for a skincare provider that addresses both Cosmetic and Medical Dermatology treatments? Look no further! At DermaBlue, our team of doctors, PAs, RNs, aestheticians, and certified laser specialists tackle dermatology from all ends of the spectrum, from eczema to skin cancer screening to laser services for hair removal, melasma/browns, laser vein, tattoo removal, RF Microneedling, body contouring, just to name a few. DermaBlue is currently offering some great discounts on some of our premier services. Check out the offers listed below!!

$200 OFF RF Microneedling

Now through the end of January 2020, get $200 OFF RF Microneedling with Genius® Treatment Package.

Microneedling is a very popular modality for skin rejuvenation. It is minimally invasive, and uses tiny needles to prick the skin in order to stimulate collagen production.

Genius® adds radiofrequency (RF) technology and a state-of-the-art delivery platform to the microneedling process in order to deliver unparalleled precision. Genius® uses very tiny needles that are sterile and insulated to deliver RF energy to precise locations and depths in the skin while reducing damage to the surface of the skin. This stimulates both collagen and elastin to tighten skin and smooth imperfections for an effect that can be a good option for patients who are seeking an anti-aging procedure with minimal downtime.

$500 Off EMSCULPT Package: New Year Special

The EMSCULPT is the only procedure to help both women and men build muscle and sculpt their body in areas such as: abdomen, buttocks and arms.

*You begin to feel tangible results right after the treatment. Positive results are usually reported two to four weeks after the last session and continue to improve for several weeks following the treatments.

January 30th Special Event: Up to 50% off Coolsculpting plus another $200 Off 6 Cycles or more

CoolSculpting is a proven technology, which is safe and effective and works extremely well and rivals surgical results without downtime. Cryolypolisis, or freezing fat; gently and effectively reduces unwanted fat by up to 25% or more.

Non-surgical fat reduction, CoolSculpting® has revolutionized the way providers are able to target and eliminate pockets of fat, which are resistant to diet and exercise. CoolSculpting is also the only technology cleared by the FDA for non-surgical fat reduction with controlled cooling.

When: Thursday, January 30th!

Location: DermaBlue, 1998 Hendersonville Rd, Unit 53, Asheville, NC 28803, 828-585-5489

Call today to RSVP for a FREE Consultation and Assessment.

February 14th Special Event: Get $100 off Each Vial of Juvederm Lip Filler

Purchase Juvederm the day of February 4th, or have your treatment on that day, and you’ll walk away with $100 OFF each vial, and beautiful, luscious lips…a fabulous Valentine’s gift to yourself!

JUVÉDERM injectable filler was found to effectively increase lip fullness and soften the appearance of lines around the mouth in a majority of subjects through one year. Many people are very bothered by the lines that can appear around the lips, known as perioral rhytids or lines.

When: Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Location: DermaBlue, 1998 Hendersonville Rd, Unit 53, Asheville, NC 28803, 828-585-5489

What are you waiting for? Come visit us today at DermaBlue to take advantage of these great deals and top of the line procedures. Don’t forget we offer Complimentary Consults! Call today!