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The official start of Summer 2019 is a few days away! It’s time for cookouts, vacations and long summer days but with that also brings the chance of skin issues that we may not always deal with year-round.

At Dermablue, we don’t want our patient’s skin concerns to spoil the fun! Here’s some common issues that can arise during this time of year and how to prevent them!

1. Acne Breakouts
Our pores can clog when our sweat mixes with oil and bacteria on the skin. To help avoid the increase of breakouts during the hot summer months we advise patients to use non-comedogenic products on areas like your face, neck, chest etc. These type products may also be listed at “oil-free” or “doesn’t clog pores”. Wash sweaty clothes, towels, headbands, and hats before wearing them again after working out, sports and other sweaty activities. Also, keep a clean towel with you during those activities and blot sweat from your face instead of wiping the skin. Blotting is gentle and doesn’t irritate the skin which could potentially lead to a breakout.

2. Dry, Irritated skin
While most of us associate dry ski with cold winter months, the summer can also have that affect on our skin. Outdoor air is hot and humid especially while in the sun, in the pool and also in air-conditioned environments. When swimming, shower immediately after to rinse off chlorine and other chemicals that irritate the skin. Use mild cleansers that are gentle on the skin and shower with warm water instead of hot. Use fragrance-free moisturizer and apply it soon after you shower to trap as much moisture as possible on your skin.

3. Folliculitis
This condition is when hair follicles become infected. This tends to look like pimples but they become itchy and tender. To avoid this issue, we suggest that our patients change out of tight workout clothes immediately after the activity is over and if possible, wear light-weight and loose-fitting clothes when it’s hot and humid in general.

4. Manicure and Pedicure Safety
Nail care is important during the summer months. Many individuals frequent the nail salons. Educate yourself on the business you go to for these services and make sure they are up to par with health and safety inspections.

5. Melasma
Also known as “pregnancy mask” this condition will present itself as a gray or brown hue on the skin. Not only sun exposure but general heat as well can make these areas look more pronounced. We suggest getting a formal diagnosis from your doctor for ways to correct and prevent this from continuing.

Our patients are important to us at Dermablue and we do everything we can to keep you informed and educated on what might be happening with your skin. If you feel like you’ve been suffering from these type of issues without relief give us a call- we can assess your skin and see how we can help.