For many men and women unwanted hair is a nuisance, and laser hair removal is a gentle and long lasting solution for unwanted hair.  Laser hair removal works on any area of the body where smooth skin is desired: underarms, face, neck, legs, shoulders, back, chest, bikini line, and arms. Some important things to remember before any laser hair removal treatment are:

• The results from a laser hair removal treatment may vary from one individual to another, based on factors such as hormonal hair growth patterns, hair type, color of hair, ethnic background and the specific area being treated.
• Laser hair removal is for hair with color; gray, white, or red hair will not be detected by the laser.
• Waxing, plucking, or topical hair removal should to be avoided prior to treatment for the laser to be successful.  If the follicle is removed the treatment is ineffective.
• The area being treated should be cleanly shaved and must stay out of the sun following the treatment.
• Five laser hair removal treatments are usually needed and touch ups are usually performed once or twice a year.

Who is a candidate?

• Laser hair removal is for hair dark in color; gray, white, blonde, or red hair cannot be detected by the laser
• Some skin types, hormonal hair growth patterns, hair type, ethnic background, and specific area being treated can cause results to vary from one individual to another.

What to expect?

• When you come to receive your laser hair removal treatment the area being treated must be cleanly shaven and out of the sun prior to treatment.
• You should avoid waxing, tweezing, and any other topical hair removal prior to treatment. If the follicle has been removed the treatment is ineffective.
• You will be sun sensitive after treatments.
• Five treatment are usually needed and touch ups are usually performed once or twice a year.

  • Female Chin $90
  • Female Upper Lip $90
  • Female Lip/Chin $150
  • Female Underarms $110
  • Female Arms $135
  • Female Bikini Partial $140
  • Female Full Bikini $250
  • Female Upper leg $200
  • Female Lower leg $200
  • Female Full Legs $390
  • Back of neck $100
  • Male Back/Shoulders $420
  • Back Neck/Shoulders $225
  • Male Chest and Abs $320
  • Male Chest Only $160 


Laser Vein Therapy is the best laser skin care treatment for spider veins on the face or small leg vessels, typically caused by rosacea or sun damage. Spider veins do not serve any purpose, in fact, these veins are dysfunctional and having them treated can improve circulation as blood is rerouted to healthier veins. Multiple treatments may be necessary, but progress is significant after one treatment.  Patients generally come in for maintenance once or twice a year to maintain results. Common areas treated are:

• Nose
• Cheeks
• Lower leg
• Thigh

Who is a good candidate?

• If you avoid shorts or swimwear because of the appearance of your legs.
• You cover the veins on your face to camouflage them.
• You do not have any history of blood clots

What to Expect?

• The laser technician will trace each vein with the laser, you will feel a slight rubber band snapping feeling on your skin.
• There will be some slight swelling, redness, and possible bruising.
• You should avoid strenuous activities for 24 hours.
• The laser will make the skin more sun sensitive.

Starting at $75


Smoothbeam is an advanced non-invasive, multi-effect laser skin care treatment for:

• Over active sebaceous glands
• Reducing active acne
• Reversing some collagen loss due to acne scarring

Smoothbeam uses a revolutionary process that delivers the laser energy through your skin’s surface, to gently stimulate the production of collagen and change the function of the sebaceous glands that cause acne, while its dynamic cooling device protects the outer layer of your skin. As the new collagen forms, it softens the appearance of acne scars and reduces the number of acne lesions on your skin.  It is possible that you will need several treatments depending on severity of the acne and the desired result. You will experience some redness and peeling after the procedure that should subside in a few days and it is important for you to wear sunscreen and stay out of the sun after laser skin care treatments.

Who is a good candidate?

Anyone who wants to improve the appearance of their acne.

What to expect?

• When you come for your treatment a topical numbing cream will be applied.
• The treatment will last 10-30 minutes depending on amount of surface area.
• It typically takes 1-4 treatments to see best results. Number of treatments depend on severity of acne and skin reaction. The treatments are spaced 4 weeks apart
• You will be more sun sensitive following treatments.

Starting at $150



Laser resurfacing is one of the most effective therapies available for wrinkle reduction. It is an aggressive method of resurfacing where water in the skin is heated by the laser causing controlled injury to the tissue. The laser beam used in resurfacing will remove the outer layer of skin and simultaneously heat the underlying skin. This action works to stimulate growth of new collagen and the new skin that forms is smoother and firmer. The benefits achieved by laser resurfacing include the reduction of the following:

• Fine lines and wrinkles
• Age related sun damage
• Scarring
• Uneven skin tone
• Skin laxity
• Pore size
• Some benign growths on the skin

What to expect?

Laser resurfacing is a single laser skin care treatment solution and it is performed in office. Before your treatment you will be prescribed medications to take pre and post procedure to reduce risk of infection. On the day of the laser skin care treatment, we will apply topical numbing medication to reduce discomfort. We ask that you have someone to drive you home after the procedure so we can provide a sedative medication. After your laser skin care treatment, we will apply a healing makeup mask for you to wear 3 days post procedure. The down time is generally 7-10 days, but some redness may be present for several weeks. Most patients describe a mild burning and tingling post procedure. Results will be immediate in some cases but will continue to improve over a 6 month period as new collagen forms.

Who is a candidate?

• Thickened, sun-damaged skin with numerous fine wrinkles
• Wrinkling around eyes, skin laxity in your lower eye area
• Vertical wrinkles around the mouth
• Blotchy, uneven skin tone with brown spots
• Scarring at the surface of the skin
• Certain precancerous skin growths