Summer is the time of year for sun-kissed skin, flip flops, flirty dresses and that messy beach hair! With a cocktail in hand, soaking up those summer rays is a fun and relaxing time, but at what cost?
Unfortunately, all those wonderful pros of summertime can cause some unwanted cons too! Wrinkles, dry skin and the worst one of all, skin cancer. So what can we do this summer to protect our skin but still enjoy the glowing effects of the sun? Here are some tips to try:

  1.  Wear sunscreen: Yeah it can be a drag to take the time to slather on the sunscreen but we promise, your future self will thank you. You can still get a tan with sunscreen on, no lie! Here are some other sunscreen myths to be aware of!
  2.  Avoid “hot, harsh” sun: Certain times of day are safer to be in the sun. The main times to avoid are from around 11:00 am – 4:00 pm. Try soaking up the rays earlier in the morning or later in the evening. If you do find yourself outside during those peak sun hours, try hanging out in the shade!
  3.  Cover up: Lightweight material can help to protect and still keep you cool. Choose light colors. Darker colors won’t do you any favors in the sun’s heat! Throw on a hat with a wide brim to protect your face, scalp, and ears. No one likes a burnt scalp that will peel and be a bigger pain later! If you’re serious about protecting your skin, look into UPF-rated clothing!
  4.  Protect your lips and eyes: That’s right. You don’t only need to protect your skin but also your eyes and lips. Invest in some sunglasses marked “100% UV protection” and the bigger the better to protect the sensitive wrinkle-prone skin under your eyes. As far as your lips, look for some chap stick with at least 30 SPF!
  5.  Stay out of the tanning beds: It’s fake sun but just as harmful, if not even more than the actual sun! For the bronzed look, try using a sunless tanning lotion! Talk to your dermatologist to get suggestions!
  6.  Keep your skin moist: Lather up to prevent your skin from drying out this summer! Not into lotions? You can go ultra-natural and use some coconut oil to moisturize!
  7.  Visit your dermatologist: You need to get an annual skin cancer screening to be aware of any areas of concern. This could save your life and it’s so easy. Your dermatologist can also provide other tips and suggestions for keeping your skin safe this summer!

Enjoy yourself this summer but please use these tips and protect your skin as much as possible!