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Hair Loss in Men

Turn the clock back to help restore a full head of hair.

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Men's Hair Loss

Men's Hair Loss Treatments

Wanting the full head of hair that was once yours does not mean you are shallow or vain—all men want to look as healthy and attractive as possible. Fortunately, amazing options now exist to treat hair loss in men, procedures which were unimagined only a few decades ago.

Thinning hair and hair loss is very common in men. A “decade of life correlation” is a coincidental parallelism that predicts the percentage of men with hair loss, such that 40% of 40 year-olds, will demonstrate visible hair loss; 50% of 50 year-olds, 60% of 60 year-olds.

Causes of Hair Loss in Men

Common Causes of Hair Loss in Men

While knowing the cause of your hair loss isn’t going to fix it by itself, recognizing the type of male hair loss you have is the first step in determining your ideal treatment plan.

  • Male pattern baldness (androgenetic alopecia)
  • Scarring from accidents, surgery, and chemical and thermal burns
  • Hair loss due to hair pulling, such as braiding or weaving
  • Heredity (family history of hair loss)
  • Medical conditions and medications
  • Changes in your hormones
hair growth injections being performed on a man

Men's Hair Loss Treatments

Treatments We Offer for Men's Hair Loss

We offer several solutions for men’s hair loss at DermaBlue:

  • Prescription treatments as Rogaine and Finastride (Propecia) and other custom prescription topical solutions
  • Evaluation and treatment for hormone imbalance
  • Evaluation and treatment for thyroid imbalance
  • Evaluation and treatment for iron and vitamin imbalance
  • Hair restoration

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