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Brown & Age Spot Treatments in NC

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Dark Spot Treatments

Brown and Age Spot Treatments

Long-term exposure to solar ultraviolet rays is the primary reason brown spots emerge on our skin as we age. Although these “age spots” are benign, they tend to make us look older than we really are, especially since these spots appear predominantly on the face, shoulders, scalp and back of the hands where they are highly visible. The size of brown spots due to sun exposure can be very small or as large as a quarter, becoming darker if they continue being exposed to excessive amounts of sunlight. To help diminish brown spot discolorations on your face and hands, Dermablue offers several treatment options that safely and effectively removes unattractive age spots.

Dark Spot Treatments

What Causes Brown & Age Spots?

Medically referred to as “solar lentigo”, age spots are areas where the acceleration of melanin production has created a concentrated “clump” of darker colored skin. Melanin is the substance produced by specialized epidermal cells that give us our skin color and protects our skin from the sun’s radiation. This is why your skin tans when exposed to sunlight.

People who use sun lamps or tanning beds may suffer more from age spots than those who spend time in the sun because of the closeness and intensity of the UV light emanating from the bulbs. In addition, some research suggests that the risk of developing cancer may be higher if you regularly use tanning beds, especially if you are genetically prone to skin cancer or have fair skin.

Dark Spot Treatments

Age Spots vs. Melanoma

Brown spots on skin are more likely to appear as we age because the skin becomes thinner and more transparent. Melanin clumps lying just below the surface of the skin are more easily seen when the skin loses its elasticity and density. You will recognize an age spot by its flatness and dark brown to light brown coloring. Small age spots resemble freckles while larger ones may look like brown, non-protruding, asymmetrical moles. Age spots do not change their appearance nor do they itch, bleed or crust over like precancerous growths.

If you can feel an age spot by running your finger over the area because it is protruding, it may not be an age spot. Suspected age spots that begin to grow, change color, bleed, become sore and protrude from the surface of the skin should be checked by your Dermablue provider as soon as possible.  DermaBlue recommends an annual full skin exam to keep track of your brown spots to detect any possible skin cancers.   Additionally, age spots may fade during winter when they are not exposed to sunlight. Precancerous and cancerous growths do not fade.

Treatments for Brown & Age Spots

Dermablue provides permanent, safe removal of age spots with a variety modern treatments that do not involve surgery, anesthesia or uncomfortable pain levels.

Spectra Laser is a gentle laser which delivers specialized nanosecond laser energy to reduce skin pigmentation.  Spectra not only improves uneven pigment, but can reduce the appearance of textural irregularities and fine lines.  

As the skin immediately begins to repair itself, new cells are formed that do not contain heavy amounts of melanin. Consequently, age spots disappear and the skin is left looking smoother, refreshed and toned.

Vi Peel is a uniquely formulated gentle peel system which is an extremely effective peel formulated for treating pigmentation and sun damage in the skin.  Vi Peel works by specifically targeting the age spots/brown spots without harming surrounding skin tissue. Additionally, it will brighten and even out overall skin tone, texture and appearance.

Give your skin a new life and look by visiting our providers at Dermablue who specialize in removing age spots using one of the treatment methods previously described. We’ll advise you which treatment would work best for your skin type and answer any other questions you may have about removing brown spots on your skin.

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