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Bioactive Fillers

Bioactive Fillers

A Natural Solution for Younger, Healthier Looking Skin

Are you beginning to see laugh lines and wrinkles appearing on your skin but don’t want to risk the unnatural appearance that comes with typical cosmetic treatments? If so, a bioactive fille treatment could be the solution.

Bioactive fillers through DermaBlue help our patients achieve a younger, healthier look by stimulating natural collagen production in targeted areas.

Bioactive Fillers at DermaBlue

Why Visit DermaBlue for Bioactive Filler Treatment

DermaBlue is the premier center for bioactive filler treatment across the greater-Asheville area. While bioactive filler treatments typically require significant experience on the part of the administrator in order to be carried out safely and effectively, DermaBlue has a long track record of success in the field. 

a patient receiving a dermal filler injection at DermaBlue

More On Bioactive Fillers

Is Bioactive Filler Treatment Right for Me?

Bioactive filler treatments are a great option for patients looking to increase their skin and bone health in a more natural way than can be obtained using hyaluronic filler treatments. Bioactive fillers are especially effective for patients in need of filler after having a facelift in order to rebuild the scaffolding of their facial structure.

How Do Bioactive Fillers Work?

When it comes to skin health, much of your appearance comes down to how much of the protein collagen is present. High collagen levels give skin strength and elasticity while replacing dead skin cells, acting like glue to keep the skin together and create a healthier, fuller look.

As you age, you lose about a tablespoon of volume of bone in your face – bioactive fillers replace this lost volume with a tablespoon of filler to replace the bone as well as structural loss to the face.

While collagen is naturally-occurring throughout the body, production slows down as we age.

Unlike hyaluronic acid fillers, bioactive fillers counteract the aging process by stimulating natural collagen production within the patient’s body, building collagen levels over time. 

Bioactive fillers are generally longer-acting than other, similar treatments. Once injected, bioactive fillers stay active within the skin for 15 years, meaning that a one-time treatment can help you look and feel younger for years to come.

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