At, DermaBlue, treating hyperpigmentation is one of our most frequent inquiries. People look in the mirror and see discoloration that seems more prominent than it used to be and are ready to lighten it so their skin appears more even toned and healthy. With many...

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Hair Loss in Women

Top 3 Medical Causes of Hair Loss in Women. Hair loss in women can be a traumatizing journey to go through. We associate hair with femininity and identity, and it can be somewhat depressing when you think that’s being taken away. Female hair loss is not as common as...

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4 Tips for Healthy Winter Skin

  For many people, the cooler winter months are not so friendly when it comes to our skin. While you might see some people dealing with Jack Frost a little easier with just some cute rosy cheeks, the rest of us are struggling with dryness, peeling and tightness...

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