We’re all guilty of makeup hoarding. Whether it’s keeping around some of the old stuff from high school in hopes it comes back in or making sure you use every last ounce of a product because we are going to make good use of every penny spent!
Unfortunately by using old and outdated makeup products, we are inviting bacteria to come have a party on our face. Bacteria can lead to irritation and even infection in some cases. Some common signs of infection can be redness of the skin or eyes, burning sensation, swollen eye lids, etc. If you experience any of these it’s probably time to toss the products and make a trip to your dermatologist to make sure it’s nothing more serious.
Cosmetics are not required to have an expiration date so it’s going to be up to you to keep track of when you open your products! You also want to be aware of obvious signs of products going bad like foul odors, gloopy gloss or separation in foundations or nail polishes.
So how do you know the lifespan of your makeup? To make it easy on you, we have created a handy chart for some basic guidelines when it comes to makeup expiration!

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