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3 Ways Facials Can Slow Down Aging

Taking the time to pamper ourselves is not always a top priority, but what if making the time now could benefit your future self? Taking one hour per month to get a facial could keep your skin looking healthy and younger! That’s right. We don’t only need to exercise our legs and arm muscles but our face muscles also need some TLC to keep us looking younger!
So how do facials help with slowing down aging? It’s all in the massage. Esthetician’s are trained on how to appropriately massage the face so you reap the full facial benefits from your pampered purchase!
Brooklyn McKinney, our Asheville Dermatology DermaBlue esthetician, says “the facial massage encourages lymphatic drainage as it flushes out toxins while promoting circulation. One of the most important steps of a facial is exfoliation. This part of the facial process helps jump start cell turnover, encouraging the growth of new, healthy cells”.
Those “new, healthy cells” are going to promote anti-aging qualities to keep our skin more supple and refreshed!
In a little more detail, below are our TOP 3 FACIAL BENEFITS, and why you need to make facials part of your monthly beauty regimen:

  1. The obvious reason to get a facial is to RELAX. It feels good and we can take a few minutes to breathe and forget about our troubles. However, while you are drifting away to somewhere tropical, this relaxation is paying off! Relaxing facial muscles will relieve tension which in turn will help to prevent against lines and wrinkles. That’s right, when we are tense we furrow our brows and the facial muscles are working hard to make us look older. No thanks!
  2. Facials are also a natural way to CLEANSE the skin by removing toxins we are exposed to daily. They help reduce overproduction of sebum, also known as the oil on our skin. Too much sebum can be the cause of certain skin problems such as blackheads or acne. Anti aging facial treatments can help to exfoliate and open the pores to give you the deep cleanse you need!
  3. A key ingredient in maintaining a youthful look is healthy CIRCULATION. Anti aging facial treatments help to increase the flow of oxygen-enriched blood to the skin. This increased blood flow helps to give your skin a healthy glow and carry vital nutrients to the skin. This is also a natural form of anti-aging facial treatment!

Due to the anti-aging facial benefits, some pampering consistency can really pay off! Bring the healthy glow back to your skin and help your youthful look stick around a little longer.



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