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Treatmoderate to severe folds and facial wrinkles with Ultra Plus XC

What is Ultra Plus XC?

Like the rest of the JUVÉDERM® Collection of Fillers, JUVÉDERM® Ultra Plus XC is a hyaluronic acid filler that helps treat wrinkles and folds in a variety of areas around the mid face.

What is Ultra Plus used for?

Ultra Plus is used for correcting anywhere from moderate facial wrinkles to severe facial folds, particularly the nasolabial folds, or the smile/laugh lines around the mouth. Ultra Plus smooths out lines by adding volume underneath the skin.

JUVÉDERM® Filler Results

JUVÉDERM Ultra Plus provides results immediately after injection that continue to improve over time as the hyaluronic acid promotes collagen production deep within the skin.

How Much Does Juvederm Ultra Plus XC Cost?

As with many cosmetic injectables, the cost of JUVÉDERM® Ultra Plus XC is different for every patient and depends on factors like age and ultimate aesthetic goals—some people prefer a more natural, subtle approach, and some prefer a more pronounced treatment.

We can create an accurate quote for Ultra Plus XC during a free 30-minute consultation here at DermaBlue. Simply click the button below to book your free consult.

Benefits of Ultra Plus XC

JUVÉDERM® Ultra Plus XC offers several benefits:

  • Smoothes & Reduces Appearance of Moderate to Severe Lines and Folds
  • Restores Lost Volume 
  • Results Last up to a Year with Proper Care
  • Provides Hydration and Smoothness
  • Natural-Looking Results
  • Minimal Discomfort with Lidocaine Formula
  • Minimally Invasive, Non-Surgical Treatment
  • No Downtime
  • FDA-Approved & Widely Tested
  • Safe and Effective
  • Customizable

Ultra Plus Procedure and Aftercare Instructions

The injection procedure for Ultra Plus XC is quick and easy, usually taking 30 minutes or less.

1. Initial Consultation
Before getting treated with Ultra Plus, you’ll need to have a quick consultation with a DermaBlue injector to explore your medical history and make sure there is no risk of side effects or allergic reactions.

During this free 30-minute consultation, your injector will create a treatment roadmap for you and provide a quote and discuss your longterm beauty goals.

2. Treatment Process
Your injector will start by cleaning the injection site. Then they’ll carefully inject the filler to the lips and any other target area.

3. Aftercare
After the injection, you might experience some minor swelling or bruising at the site of injection that will heal within a day or two.

Lastly, your injector will provide aftercare instructions, which might include avoiding strenuous exercise, alcohol, direct sunlight, or other specific instructions.

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s closeup of a woman with filler injections in her lips


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Nasolabial Folds


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