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Girl with Blond and Curly HairShort, long, sleek, spikey, whatever your style, hair is a huge part of our appearance and oftentimes can contribute to our overall confidence and personality. Therefore, if we experience balding or thinning of our luxurious locks, Hair Loss can be very stressful and concerning.

A bald spot is a sign of hair loss, also called alopecia. It usually appears in the form of coin shaped patches of hair loss, however the patches can also be oval shaped. If we go too long without treatment, it can actually decrease our chances of hair regrowth drastically!

There are many factors that can contribute to alopecia hair loss including diet, hormone changes, stress, thyroid, certain medications, etc. The good news is most cases are preventable and treatable! So what do you do?

First and foremost, schedule an appointment with DermaBlue Dermatology in Asheville, NC. They will be able to evaluate your hair loss, determine a cause and offer an alopecia treatment!

Secondly, ask yourself, how are you treating your hair on a daily basis? Do you brush too much? Are you using high heat too often? Do you shampoo and condition excessively? Evaluate your method of detangling and other hair regimens and try these tips:

Limit the use of flat irons
Limit drying your hair on high heat
Cut back on brushing your hair (don’t exceed 100 strokes or more daily)
Reduce the ponytail time and other pulling hairstyles
Try a deep conditioning treatment


Don’t put off scheduling an appointment for an alopecia treatment! Call DermaBlue Dermatology in Asheville, NC, today and let us help limit your stress and get your confidence back!

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