5 Things to Do OR Stop Doing to Help Reduce Cellulite

Cellulite is not partial to one shape or size and can choose its victims at random. However, women are more likely to get cellulite over men, primarily due to the different distributions of fat, muscle and connective tissue. did a great job giving us a good visual on why women are more prone to cellulite than men:

 “For women this connective tissue is shaped like honeycomb, causing fat in the thighs to take on a less-than-sleek appearance. The same tissue in men is arranged as more of a grid and therefore causes less of a visual dilemma.”

It’s important to note that cellulite is perfectly normal. In fact, about 80-90% of women will get cellulite at some point in their lives (cue eye roll)! However, we all like to do our best to keep it to a bare minimum, if possible.

Cellulite Prevention: Do’s and Don’ts.

Although cellulite is highly common, it is still a skin condition that can cause many of us stress and embarrassment. Unfortunately, there is no magical treatment or procedure available to get rid of cellulite forever— but there are some things we can do and stop doing to help reduce the appearance of the oh-so-famous dimple look.

DO Exercise: Since cellulite is more prone to affect the legs and buttocks, incorporate some lower body strength training in your exercise routine. Strengthening these areas can help to tighten skin, boost circulation and overall reduce the appearance of cellulite.

DO Eat Well and Stay Hydrated: Eating the right foods can’t necessarily prevent cellulite but it can certainly help reduce inflammation in the body and prevent gaining weight (aka more body fat). Also, drinking plenty of water will help to keep your connective tissue strong and hydrated.

DO Ask your Dermatologist: Your dermatologist may be able to recommend a solution or regimen that can reduce cellulite in a safe or natural way.

STOP smoking: Smoking can cause many unwanted skin conditions (i.e. wrinkles, lines around the mouth, dry skin). Cigarette smoke is also known to “reduce blood vessel flow and to weaken and disrupt the formation of collagen, allowing for the connective tissue to become stretched and damaged more easily and for underlying fat to show through.” –

STOP wasting money on topical creams: Unfortunately, there are no topical creams proven to permanently rid our body of cellulite. Be wary of any products that claim to completely cure cellulite and do your research before investing in overpriced “silver bullet” creams or solutions. And, as always, consult your dermatologist before trying something new or risky.


Cellulite can be hard to get rid of and is almost impossible to prevent BUT using some of the above tactics can help mitigate or reduce excess amounts. For more info, schedule a visit to your dermatology office and hopefully you can reduce the appearance of your cellulite and get back into your shorts and dresses with full confidence!

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