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With holiday parties in full swing, you’ll want to look your best. But, do you find yourself looking in the mirror and thinking your skin looks dull and lifeless? Summer’s harsh rays can leave their mark on your skin, one that’s easier to spot in the dry winter air. So how can you rejuvenate and replenish your skin and get it looking its best? Check out our favorite winter skin care tips!

 1. Wear sunscreen

Sunscreen is especially important during the long, hot summer days, but don’t let winter’s weaker rays fool you. It is still important to protect yourself from the sun’s damaging UVA/UVB rays. Don’t forget to have your dermatologist check your skin regularly for pre-cancerous moles and spots.

2. Hydration

The wear and tear of summer combined with dry, cold winter air can really dry out your skin. Invest in a good facial moisturizer for post summer skin care that helps boost collagen production. Increasing your water intake will dramatically improve your winter skin care routine – providing a more youthful look.

3.Chemical peels

Chemical peels are an effective way to improve your skin’s texture and tone by fading discolorations, smoothing fine lines and enlarged pores, stimulating collagen production, and clearing up breakouts. Peels remove think layers of old skin, revealing new skin that is bright and radiant.

4. Regular facials

Regular deep-cleansing facials help you achieve a more youthful, healthy-looking skin. Our skin is constantly exposed to environmental elements, like wind, smog, cold, and sun, which negatively impact on your skin. Seeing dull, tired skin? Annoyed by congested pores? Facials can be customized to your individual needs, to better suit your specific winter skin care concerns.

 5. Use an exfoliator

Exfoliate your skin a couple times each week. The build up of dead skin makes the surface appear blotchy and uneven and inhibits the products of new, healthy skin cells.  Use a good exfoliating scrub, times per week for post summer skin care.