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Laying out in the sun and using sunscreen hasn’t always been a top priority for many of us. I mean, who remembers the days when we walked onto the beach with a bottle of baby oil versus a bottle of sunscreen?! The thought of it now makes me cringe!

There are so many different thoughts and opinions out there regarding what’s ok and safe when it comes to sunscreen, and many of them are wrong! We are officially in the Summer season which means more exposure to sun. What better time to debunk some of these sunscreen myths?!

Sunscreen Myth 1: A base tan can protect you.

FALSE. From the minute your skin starts to turn that nice golden color, the damage has already been done. It does not protect you from future damage. A base tan provides the same “protection” as a sunscreen that has an SPF of a 4! Why even waste your time?!

Sunscreen Myth 2: My dark skin protects me.

Again FALSE. Is there a lower risk of someone with more pigment in their skin getting skin cancer? Yes, but it does not mean you are immune. You still need to wear sunscreen and get checked regularly. People with darker pigmentation can still get skin cancer and unfortunately have a higher risk of a spot being missed or misdiagnosed.

Sunscreen Myth 3: The SPF in your foundation is enough.

Wrong again. Unless you plan on caking your face in foundation, it will not suffice on its own. It’s recommended you use a nickel size amount of sunscreen to cover efficiently and protect, which amounts to a lot of foundation! Try applying a good sunscreen prior to your make-up application instead.

Sunscreen Myth 4: I need the Vitamin D so I shouldn’t wear too much sunscreen.

Yes, we do need Vitamin D to help with overall good health but did you know that after about 15 minutes in the sun our bodies have reached its max Vitamin D levels and our body stops production? Also, applying sunscreen is not preventing you from soaking in that much needed vitamin, so don’t skimp just because you think you are deficient. Try taking a good supplement or adjusting your diet to get the right amount you need. It’s much less risky!

Sunscreen Myth 5: I don’t need sunscreen during “non-peak” sun hours.

UVB rays are definitely at their strongest while the sun is directly overhead, usually between the hours of 10am-2pm. However, UVA rays are present at all times the sun is out. UVA rays are the ones responsible for aging and some skin cancers, so protect yourself at all hours.

Sunscreen Myth 6: All sunscreens are created equal. 

The sun protection factor or SPF is indicating how well your sunscreen will protect you from UVB rays, but what about those UVA rays we just talked about? You need to look for a sunscreen that has “broad spectrum” on the label and is at a SPF of 15 or higher.

Don’t take sunscreen application lightly! It should be a necessary part of your daily routine at any age. Additionally, you should visit your dermatologist for regular checkups once or twice a year to look for abnormal spots or moles. Schedule an appointment today with your DermaBlue provider if you’re overdue for a skin cancer screening. Take precautions today, follow these sunscreen tips, and you will thank yourself later.