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The world of Medical Aesthetics is always changing.  New techniques, solutions and products are always on the doorstep for us to introduce to our patients.  It’s an exciting time to join us at Dermablue.  We are happy to introduce Wendi Harper-Lonabaugh, the latest addition to the Dermablue staff.  Wendi brings many years of experience, creative and skilled treatment outcomes, and an overall bond to the world of Aesthetics and anti-aging.  New treatment outcome options are also available for our patients with Wendi because she’s brought new filler products that she loves.

Bellafill- this filler product is one of our top sellers already! Bellafill is a smooth, collagen based dermal filler containing PMMA micro-spheres.  Once injected, the collagen gel immediately provides volume and lift to correct wrinkles and acne scars.  These micro-spheres stay in place over time and create a base for structure, support and smoother looking skin.  This filler lasts longer than other fillers on the market because it contains collagen lasting up to 5+ years.  Many patients choose this option to cut down on the number of syringes they use over time that last 1 year approximately.   It is a great way to create younger looking skin and maintenance results over time instead of starting over as other fillers dissolve in a quicker amount of time.  Bellafill helps restore youthful looking faces but it also softens acne scars significantly.  At Dermablue we treat active acne as well as the unfortunate scarring that’s left behind. For anyone with acne scars they know this is a game changer compared to treatments that are currently available.  Bellafill is able to smooth the scarring as well as restore confidence.  Our patients have already loved their results in a short amount of time saying this decision was a life-changing one after many years of temporary fillers and other treatments.

Sculptra- This product is an FDA approved injectable that helps patients gradually replace collagen that is lost due to the aging process.  It is often used to correct shallow to deep facial wrinkles and folds like the Nasolabial folds, marionette lines and wrinkles in the chin.  The results from gradual Sculptra treatments can last up to 2 years! What makes Sculptra stand out is it works with the body within the deep dermis rather than topically to help revitalize collagen and help restore inner volume and structure. Patients love Sculptra because the results are youthful and natural without looking like work has been done at the doctor’s office.

With so many options for restoring youth, we urge patients to remember that aging starts earlier than we think.  Our skin starts aging in our 20’s when the firmness begins to decrease due to internal aging such as genetics and nature as well as external aging caused by stress, sun exposure, smoking etc. This means skin laxity causing deep folds, neck sagging, and down-turned lips as an example. Not only do the signs of aging correlate with gravity but it also makes the eye area look withdrawn, tired, and lacking vibrancy.  So many little signs of aging that can be reversed early to help the overall appearance of our face.  The more we take care of our aging restoration needs early the less maintenance there will be long term.

These are just highlights of some of our new product options but there are many on the shelf to choose from when Wendi makes a personalized treatment plan. A consultation with her is the first step to knowing all your options for treatment. During this appointment Wendi will take time to educate on the process of facial aging, discuss in detail her suggestions for product choices, costs and amounts with realistic outcomes and expectations as well as take baseline pictures (a must for medical charts). There is always an opportunity to do treatment the same day if requested and time allows.  Oftentimes patients bring their budget for treatment which helps Wendi customize the plan and have great results within monetary margins.  Overall, our patients leave knowing every aspect of what’s causing their aging symptoms and solutions available without surgery and lots of downtime and risks.

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