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a woman receiving baby botox injections

Baby Botox: Does It Really Work? Separating Fact from Fiction

Baby BOTOX® is one of the latests buzzwords flying around the cosmetic treatments industry. Despite its catchy name, it is not a situation in which a baby is given Botox injections—not even close!

As with any cosmetic treatment (or any medical treatment in general), it’s important to have a good understanding of what certain terms mean in order to prevent the spread of potentially dangerous misinformation, and to be able to discern between myths and truth in order to make good, informed decisions before deciding on a treatment.

Let’s dive into what “baby botox” actually is, and dispel some of the myths surrounding the treatment.

What is Baby Botox?

First, let’s have a quick refresh on what BOTOX® is: BOTOX® is a popular cosmetic treatment that involves injecting botulinim toxin to areas of the forehead and crow’s feet around the eyes—basically all the areas above the nose that tend to wrinkle and form deep lines as we age due to the movements of our brow and eye muscles when we make facial expressions.

Baby botox is simply a catchy term that was coined in order to describe a more subtle approach to BOTOX® injection treatments. In fact, baby Botox is identical to a normal BOTOX® treatment in almost every way aside from dosage.

The main difference between baby botox and traditional botox treatments is the amount or dosage of botulinim toxin applied to the treatment area. The appeal and ultimate goal of baby botox is that patients can obtain some of the paralyzing effects of botox while still having some movement and facial expressions.

By “microdosing” Botox, patients are under the impression that they’re somehow gaming the system, both preventing wrinkles and still retaining  some facial mobility. Unfortunately, this approach can be downright counterproductive.

Now, on to the myths!

a man receiving a baby botox treatment

Myth #1: Baby Botox Works Well for Younger Patients

Despite the name, baby botox is not designed for younger patients (and definitely not babies!). The term “baby” only refers to the dosage, and not the age of the patient.

While it is true that many younger people are using BOTOX® treatments earlier and earlier to prevent crow’s feet and forehead wrinkles from forming (also known as “preventative botox”), we do not recommend baby botox for our patients at DermaBlue, and especially not the younger patients.

Why don’t we recommend baby Botox for our younger patients?

Botox works by relaxing facial muscles which creates a lifted, relaxed look. The younger you are, the stronger your muscles/facial muscles, therefore the more Botox you need. 

Botox dosing guidelines have been developed over the course of decades and research—in fact, it’s no exaggeration to say that thanks to its 30 years on the market, BOTOX® has the most data out of all cosmetic treatments.

We follow the very clear and FDA-approved dosage guidelines provided by BOTOX® Cosmetic in order to get the very best results for our patients. These dosage guidelines have been proven over decades of research and millions of patients and designed to work for patients of all ages.

We can’t emphasize this enough, but when it comes to any cosmetic treatment, it’s extremely important to follow the science-backed approaches formulated by the creators of a product to minimize the risk of side effects and to maximize efficacy—especially when you’re injecting a neurotoxin like BOTOX®!

So, while baby botox may sound appealing in theory, especially for those of our younger patients merely trying to prevent lines from forming in the first place, we do not recommend this approach.

Myth #2: Baby Botox Results Look More Natural

Another common myth about baby botox is that the results look more natural, because facial expressions can appear to be “frozen” under a full dose of BOTOX®. Whether or not botox in general looks unnatural is purely subjective.

Baby botox claims to provide patients with some freezing while still allowing for facial mobility and natural expressions.  The goal is not to erase all forehead creases or lines entirely, but to soften them, resulting in a subtle but rejuvenated look.

While this may be true in some sense, most patients (and many providers) underestimate how quickly the body can metabolize insufficient doses of botulinim toxin.

Under-dosing, while seemingly logical, actually accomplishes nothing—wasting a patient’s time and money while providing no lasting or noticeable results to speak of. 

Myth #3: Baby Botox Doesn't Require More Frequent Touch-Ups

Patients are often told that with baby botox, they won’t need extra touch ups, as the toxin works the same. Unfortunately, what we normally see is patients who are under-dosed see the effects of BOTOX fade more quickly and are unsatisfied with the longevity of the treatment.

As we mentioned above, metabolism plays a central role in how long BOTOX® lasts, and in some people the effects can wear off quickly if not properly dosed. 

Myth #4: There Are Less Risks with Baby Botox

While BOTOX® is FDA-approved and generally low risk, no cosmetic treatment is completely risk-free, and baby botox is no exception to the rule.

Just like with traditional BOTOX®, complications can occur if the treatment is administered incorrectly by an unskilled injector, or if a patient has adverse reactions to the toxin.

You’ll want to thoroughly vet your injector and discuss all relevant medical history with them during a consultation before beginning BOTOX® treatments.

Myth #5: Baby Botox is Only Popular for Women

While it’s true that women make up the largest percentage of BOTOX® patients, more and more men are opting for BOTOX® to slow the aging process as well.

Baby botox is especially appealing for the male crowd who may not wish to have a completely frozen appearance and would like a much more subtle treatment. 

Once again, metabolism plays a role in how long BOTOX’s effects can last, and since men tend to have more lean muscle mass and higher metabolisms than women, baby botox will leave them under-dosed, and undoubtedly produce short-lived, minimal results.

Schedule Your Baby Botox Consultation at DermaBlue

If you’re looking for a nuanced and subtle approach to wrinkle prevention and rejuvenation, BOTOX can be a wonderfully effective treatment. However, baby botox or anything less than the FDA-approved dosages are not something we typically recommend for the reasons listed above.

Ready to learn more about botox? Your first step is to schedule a free 30-minute consultation with our skilled injectors here at DermaBlue. During this consultation, your injector will explore your aesthetic goals, listen to any concerns, and determine if botox is right for your needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Baby Botox

What is the difference between baby Botox and regular Botox?

The difference between baby Botox and regular botox the dosage used. Baby botox uses a smaller dosage, and has less paralyzing effect on the facial muscles. It is also metabolized quicker and doesn’t last as long as the recommended dose.

What age should you do baby Botox?

We do not recommend Baby Botox here at DermaBlue. BOTOX, however, can be done at any age, although often patients begin botox treatments in the their mid-twenties in order to prevent wrinkles and lines from setting in.

What are the downsides of baby Botox?

The downsides and risks of baby botox are the same as the risks associated with regular botox—for some people there are allergic reactions to the botulinim toxin. There are also risks of a botched injection if the injector makes a mistake. 

Baby botox may also not last as long or be as effective as a full dose of BOTOX. This is ultimately a waste of time and money for most patients.

Since the dosage is smaller for baby botox, you also might not see as much noticeable difference in mobility of facial muscles.

What does baby Botox cost?

Baby botox costs vary from patient to patient, depending on the area being treated. Come in for a free consultation to get an accurate estimate.

Not sure where to start?

Let’s find the right treatment for you.

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a woman receiving baby botox injections

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