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Not only do warmer months bring about beautiful flowers and warmer weather, it also increases our chance of coming in contact with poison ivy. The swollen, red, itchy rash is a drag for anyone who has a run in with this plant! You can get poison ivy from direct contact with the plant, indirect contact by the plant oil being on a pet or garden tool or it can even be spread in the air if the plant is burned!

When getting a case of this annoying rash all we want is to stop the itching and swelling, but before you head to the drug store to get some itch relief, try some of these at-home remedies for poison ivy:

  • Cucumbers are a great and easy way to add some soothing relief. Either place slices directly on the skin or you can run it through the food processor and make a simple paste.
  • My grandmother swears by apple cider vinegar for most ailments! Try soaking a brown paper bag in the vinegar, then place directly on the rash to aid in pulling out the toxins with this home remedy for poison ivy.
  • Baking soda is not just for making cakes! When coming in contact with poison ivy, try soaking in a cool bath with 1 cup of baking soda for some relief.
  • Aloe vera can help with any burning associated with the rash. Apply the gel directly from the plant to the skin!
  • If you know fairly quickly you have come in contact with poison ivy, apply lemon juice to help cut through the toxic oils before they seep into your skin with this home remedy for posion ivy!

These remedies are good go-to’s for mild cases, however if you are one of the unlucky bunch that catch a severe case of poison ivy, schedule an appointment to see a dermatologist for poison ivy treatment. Some cases require a prescription medication such as a steroid and in some cases of infection, an antibiotic is also needed for poison ivy treatment.

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