Body Contouring tis the Season

Just because we are entering the Spring and Summer months of 2018 doesn’t mean it’s too late to focus on your body contouring goals! At Dermablue we recognize the importance of looking and feeling better about yourself in all areas of life. Coolsculpting is a non-surgical, fast and safe permanent body contouring treatment that eliminates stubborn fat pockets that otherwise cause confidence issues in and out of clothes.

Our patients have been BLOWN AWAY with their results from Coolsculpting treatments. In just a few short months their whole outlook on life is back on track. Here’s a few of our many patient testimonials and feedback to give you a glimpse at how life changing body contouring can be in a short amount of time.

My chin had always looked puffy and fat. Even when I was younger and smaller everywhere else my chin never seemed to change. I never thought there would be a fix for me so I started wearing my hair long and around my face and avoided any type of situation where I thought people would notice my chin before they noticed me. When I was about to give up I finally decided to make an appointment for a consultation after seeing commercials on TV that seemed too good to be true. Seeing a few before and after pictures in the office I decided to give it a try. Just a few weeks later I was seeing major changes to my chin and neck! I would hear comments asking if I had lost weight or changed my hair or that something looked different. It felt so good to feel good again! Coolsculpting works!!

I realized that I put on sleeveless shirts for the first time that I can remember and didn’t change into something that would cover my arms. Regaining confidence happened so naturally after coolsculpting at Dermablue.

My stomach doesn’t hang over the top of my pants like I struggled with for years. After kids and work stress that seemed to be the area that bothered me the most and changed the least. Not only do I look better in my clothes but I’m physically more comfortable in my day to day life. My treatment worked just as the girls said it would and they motivated me every step of the way to look forward to great changes ahead. I can’t wait to do more!


We hear this type of feedback all the time and it makes us even more excited to offer Coolsculpting to our patients as much as we can! So much that we decided to host a One Day Only discounted consult event! On Thursday June 14th we are offering 25% off all Coolsculpting packages! By booking a consultation that day you will receive 25% off your total package as long as deposit is paid that day. This is a great time to invest in yourself to get the body you’ve always wanted but without downtime and surgery.

Our treatment providers are CSU certified and our practice is currently the leading Coolsculpting practice in WNC. This event will focus on patient education about how Coolsculpting works, 360 body treatment evaluations with pricing options and opportunities to learn about our other dermatologic and cosmetic services at Dermablue as well as Hormone Therapy and Weight Control Services at Blue Sky MD.

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