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Causes of acne that might surprise you!

Acne can be a pain no matter what stage of life, and getting to the heart of the issue can sometimes be a frustrating venture. Visiting a dermatologist is a great way to figure out what’s causing these annoying breakouts but here is a little something you might want to consider before setting up your appointment:


Can Hair Products Cause Acne?

If you are a lover of hair products and are experiencing breakouts around your hairline, upper forehead, jaw and sideburn area, you might be a victim of “pomade acne”. Hair products that contain silicones (“smoothing” products), sulfates (shampoo), petroleum (serums and masks) and fragrance (well everything!) are the most common acne culprits! So what do you do without having to completely give up the products that give you the best hair day ever? Here are a few tips:

  1. Eliminate all products such as any oils, creams, pomades and serums for a few days and then slowly add them back in one by one to see if you can pin point which ones might be causing your breakouts.


  1. Avoid putting products directly on your scalp. Anything that comes in contact with your scalp can eventually run into the face. For example, when applying conditioner, apply a few inches from the scalp and below (generally our scalp doesn’t need conditioning since that is where the oil is produced).


  1. Try switching to a milder shampoo that is fragrance free and color free. A good place to start is baby shampoo, but still look at the ingredients!


  1. Change your pillow case regularly! Any product that’s on your hair when you go to bed can end up on your face! You could be rolling around in a pool of oil, wax, dirt and bacteria!


  1. Style your hair first and make-up second. Wash hands thoroughly before starting your make-up regimen.


  1. Try styling your hair in ways that will keep your face free of product contact. Also at night, put your hair up in a soft “scrunchie” to avoid contact with products while sleeping.


If these tips still don’t rid your skin of acne, please call to set up an appointment with our medical providers at DermaBlue so we can help you get to the bottom of your breakouts!


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