Clearer, Healthier Skin with NEW Dermatology Technology

Dermatology has come a long way over the years with advances in technology that can aid in overall skin health.  As time goes on and the more we are exposed to UV rays, our skin gets damaged and needs the attention of a dermatologist, not only for cosmetic skin care but also for our safety in detecting any possible life threatening issues.

One of these dangerous skin issues is called actinic keratosis (AK). AK are found primarily on areas of the skin that get a lot of exposure to ultraviolet light such as sunlight. They show up on the skin as rough, dry, scaly patches. They can be skin colored or show up as reddish brown patches.

A lot of cases of AK will be benign but in about 10% of people, those AK spots can turn into squamous cell carcinoma (SCC), the second most common skin cancer. Therefore seeing your DermaBlue Dermatologist in Asheville, NC, is crucial to make sure your patches do not turn into SCC.

In the past, treatment options for AK range anywhere from freezing the spots off, to chemical peels or laser resurfacing. However, with new technology we are now able to offer a much less invasive option to correct these patches using the Blu-U Light Treatment!

In just 2 treatments,  Blu-U Light Treatment used a long with the use of Levulan® Kerastick® (aminolevulinic acid HCl) will destroy the AK cells! Aside from only taking 2 treatments, this method is non-invasive, does not leave scarring, there is no medication to take or prescriptions to refill!

Here is a great video on how easy this Ashville Blu-U light treatment can be:



Blu-U Light Treatment can also be used to treat acne by killing acne-causing bacteria. The Blu-U light alone is used and will take more than 2 treatments but to have clear, smooth skin, it’s worth it!

DermaBlue is one of the few Asheville dermatology offices offering the Blu-U Therapy treatment. Schedule an appointment today at DermaBlue Dermatology in Asheville, NC, so we can help you manage your skin damage.

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