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For over 25 years, Botox® has safely and effectively treated millions of people by eliminating unsightly wrinkles, folds and sagging skin caused by aging and expression lines. 

Botox Cosmetic is a simple procedure requiring no downtime that quickly and painlessly smooths away crow’s feet, wrinkles between the eyebrows, forehead creasing, fine lines around the lips, folds along the sides of the nose (bunny lines) and neck skin that has lost youthful firmness.

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The effects of Botox are felt almost immediately, giving patients brighter, younger-looking skin from the moment they finish treatment.

Botox is FDA-approved for safety. The experts at Dermablue have years of experience in applying Botox treatments and can ensure your safety and comfort throughout the entire process.

Added Benefits
In addition to boosted confidence, patients that undergo Botox injections often experience related health benefits such as relief from arthritis, tension, and other pains.

How Botox Works

Botox cosmetic therapy is the safest, most popular cosmetic treatment we offer at Dermablue. It is used to reduce or eliminate facial wrinkles and prevent them from getting worse.  Injections of Botox are delivered to specific facial muscles, causing them to relax and which smooth wrinkles and often will lift the area treated. This combination will provide a youthful, relaxed and natural expression.  

At Dermablue, we are very experienced with botox injections and use them along with filler treatments like juvederm and no downtime cosmetic treatments like micro needling in order to give you an optimal outcome.  Botox therapy is also used for excessive underarm sweating (called hyperhidrosis).

Botox works by relaxing muscles in a safe, reproducible and temporary manner.  Botox® effectively prevents the appearance of wrinkles and gives the face and neck a smoother, younger appearance. In addition, Botox® also keeps new wrinkles from forming by significantly reducing muscle pull on the skin.  

Your skin stays smoother and wrinkle-free over time with regular Botox® injections. Our patients at Dermablue, experience their skin remains softer and more hydrated as well.

Botox Treatments

Neck Enhancement

Due to aging and/or excessive exposure to UV rays, the skin on the neck may develop wrinkles and an unattractive condition called “neck banding”. On the front of the neck are two “platysmal” muscles that tend to sag and jut as we get older, especially in women. 

The appearance of this “turkey neck” can add years to your true age because it also encourages the skin directly under the chin to droop and wrinkle. Fortunately, Botox injections can dramatically improve the appearance of fine horizontal neck lines that further age your appearance and often will create a lifting effect!


 Botox is the best way to prevent excessive sweating in the underarms, palms, and feet. Botox treatments often last up to one year or longer and are extremely effective.  Typically, the results get better the more you do the treatments. This is a simple, cost-effective solution to an extremely common problem.

Brow Lifts

Brow and forehead lifts using Botox can minimize frown lines and creases lining the forehead as well as elevate the eyebrows to give you a more youthful, rested appearance. As an affordable and pain-free alternative to actual cosmetic surgery, brow lifts are especially effective at raising droopy eyelids and relaxing muscles controlling the eyebrows so that your former, sagging brow arch is higher. 

Women undergoing Botox brow lifts often find that it is easier to achieve the perfect-shaped eyebrow arch as a result of Botox injections smoothing and rejuvenating skin.

Botox Treatment Process

Forehead lines, frown lines, and crow’s feet (glabellar lines) are the most commonly treated areas.  The procedure takes about 10 minutes. Your Dermablue provider will help determine the best treatment dose.  A series of relatively painless, micro injections will take a couple of minutes. When you are done, the Botox will start to work in 3-4 days and peak in effectiveness at two weeks. 

If it is your first treatment, some muscles will take longer than others to achieve an optimal outcome, so be patient. Results last three to four months. It’s recommended that the next treatment should be administered when the muscles in the treated areas of the face begin to contract again. 

With repeat treatments, the effects of therapy may last longer.  At Dermablue, we want to make sure you are completely satisfied with your Botox. If you need additional treatment or adjustment, we are here for you!

Additional Benefits of Botox

Patients receiving Botox injections for cosmetic purposes may also experience health benefits related to existing medical conditions. For example, Botox has been found to relieve the severity and frequency of migraine headaches by blocking nerve impulses that cause muscles to twitch and contract during a migraine attack.

Other health benefits patients may experience following a Botox treatment session include decrease in muscle spasms affecting various parts of the body, relief from jaw tension or TMJ (temporomandibular joint) pain and reduced arthritis symptoms.

Psychologically, Botox treatments can work miracles with a patient’s self-esteem by restoring confidence and a sense of personal satisfaction about his or her appearance. Interestingly, a number of research studies examining the way we respond to smoother, younger-looking and less wrinkled faces has found that people receiving Botox treatments are frequently the recipients of more positive interactions with others simply because people perceive faces that do not appear to be.

Botox or Xeomin?

Botox shares many similarities with another treatment, Xeomin: both treatments are effective at eliminating wrinkles and lines that appear over time on the face, especially forehead wrinkles stemming from excessive squinting or raising of the eyebrows. They are also dosed similarly, with one unit of Botox roughly equating the strength of one unit of Xeomin.

Likewise, both treatments also work in a similar manner, relaxing facial muscles within a targeted area by blocking nerve impulses needed for these areas to contract. Both treatments are also temporary, meaning that repeat visits and maintenance moving forward will be necessary in order to maintain consistent results over time.

However, there are also significant differences between the two treatments. While Xeomin only contains a single ingredient, Botox is composed of multiple proteins – the end result is that Xeomin patients are less likely to have their bodies develop resistance to the treatment that can limit them from seeing their desired results. 

On the other hand, while both treatments have similar duration times, Botox users typically see results more quickly. Specific complications can also arise based on individual reactions to the different treatments.

If you are uncertain about whether Botox or Xeomin is the right solution for your skin, contact Dermablue for help making the decision. We’ll be able to analyze your health history and individual facial characteristics to help you reach the best, most informed decision possible regarding your treatment.


Dermablue Botox treatments start at $12 per unit. Contact us today for details and find out if Botox treatment is right for you!

What’s the Difference Between Botox & Xeomin?



While Botox contains a cocktail of ingredients, Xeomin contains just one, which can help diminish the chances that your body will produce antibodies as a reaction. .

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