Hard truths about indoor tanning

It’s the middle of February and most of us feel the need for green grass, warmer temperatures and shorts! For many that also means we miss having that golden glow to our skin. While it may be tempting to find an indoor tanning solution to bridge the gap until spring we strongly urge our patients to stay far away from those type of options. It’s not too late to make the decision to do what’s best for your skin!

We hear lots of reasons that tanning bed use is harmless. We do our best to educate our patients on the dangers of indoor tanning and want to provide many avenues of information to keep you healthy!

Did you know?

1. Getting a base tan doesn’t prevent future sunburns. Many people flock to the tanning beds before an event or trip in preparation for sun exposure thinking that a base tan will keep them away from harm. This is false. Each exposure to indoor/outdoor tanning options damages our skin cells and DNA. This makes risks for skin cancer and other health issues more common when our skin cells and composure is compromised.

2. It’s not possible to get enough Vitamin D from the tanning bed. Our bodies produce Vitamin D from UVB rays however tanning beds omit UVA rays. The best way to make sure we have enough Vitamin D is to eat healthy and possibly take a supplement under your doctor’s care.

3. Tanning addiction is a real issue. Studies indicate that more and more people are becoming attached to the UVA rays and report side effects of depression and fidgeting when not available to continue tanning.

4. Tanning indoors or outdoors makes your skin age faster. Age spots, wrinkles, sagging skin, and loss of firmness appear years before the “normal” for those who practiced sun exposure options. Tanning beds also have risks like burns to the skin and eye issues from not wearing goggles properly.

5. Tanning beds are NOT safer than the sun. Unfortunately, there is false information everywhere about tanning beds that lead us to believe we are making a smart responsible decision. Studies found that there is so much exposure to information about tanning beds that is the opposite of the truth.

If you feel like past UVA/UVB exposure is starting to show on your skin this is the time to come see us at Dermablue. Not only will we make sure that there are no areas of concern medically but we also have many options to renew your skin and have a fresh start. Combining lasers, peels and skincare we can work hard to help reverse the aging process to make you feel like yourself again!

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