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That’s right! The peel all the Hollywood stars are getting to achieve radiant, glowing skin, reduce pore size, or even to create a flawless complexion, is now available here at the Asheville dermatology office DermaBlue! We are so excited to start offering the new Lutronic Spectra Laser as part of our many cosmetic services. The Spectra laser has received huge recognition for the new trend, the Hollywood Laser Peel. The Hollywood Laser Peel makes it possible to have softer, smoother skin with one treatment. This is perfect for a special occasion such as a wedding, prom, or even every day!  The treatment is quick and comfortable, allowing you to immediately resume your normal activities. Treatment takes no more than 30 minutes (even less) and is so safe, you can even wear makeup the same day! This non-ablative treatment reduces fine lines, large pores, and acne scarring.  It evens out skin tone by targeting the melanin in the cells, breaking it up to be removed naturally by your body, and heats deep in the dermis, causing the skin to contract and stimulate collagen production. It is highly sought out by celebrities to keep their skin glowing and youthful before the Oscars and other red-carpet event.


As you can see above, the treatment is quick, easy and painless! No downtime and you can see results immediately!

Is the Hollywood Peel right for you? Schedule a free consultation at our Asheville dermatology office DermaBlue and we will discuss your options!

*The Hollywood Peel is only one aspect of this laser. The Spectra Laser can also treat melasma, brown spots and remove tattoos!

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