How To Treat Acne And Skin Issues?

How To Treat Acne And Skin Issues?


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There’s a reason Dermablue is Asheville’s leading resource to treat acne and skin issues.  Not only do we care for our acne patients from a dermatologic perspective, but we also have opportunities to treat with laser options, skincare products as well as diet and Hormone management with our sister company Blue Sky MD.

Our patients receive complete care options as they see Joyce Warwick our PA.  She has an intense passion for the dermatology field and shows every day her commitment to treating our patients in every way she can. Treating acne can be tricky but Joyce makes sure all possible avenues are taken into consideration whether it be topical medicine, oral prescriptions, and/or acne therapies we offer in office.

Many of our patients opt for laser treatments in combination with topical or oral medications.  Smoothbeam is one of our laser options at Dermablue that effectively takes a multi-approach to acne issues.  Our Smoothbeam laser targets overactive sebaceous glands and slows down the rate in which they secrete sebum in the hair follicles.  When there is an overproduction of sebum to the follicle can often get clogged and cause normal bacteria levels to increase and cause a breakout.  Limiting the sebum production can significantly reduce the bacteria in that area. When the bacteria targeted with each laser pulse this will also minimize active breakouts quickly.  We have many patients who come in when they have an active breakout for a spot treatment to intervene while the acne is currently inflamed. A more hidden aspect of possible breakouts could be the hair growth in that area.  When that is the case Laser Hair Removal is a great option to reduce acne that tends to come with hair production.  With laser hair removal we can effectively reduce the hair growth of dark hair.  The laser will pick up that pigment and damage the follicle in a series of treatments.  Many of our acne prone patients report major clearance in their treated areas when the hair growth is diminished.

Another avenue we explore at Dermablue for acne treatment and prevention is skin care products.  So many patients put much effort into taking care of their skin but forget to investigate what kinds of products they are using if any.  Our line of Dr. Lamond products is formulated to make skin balanced and happy.  Our cleanser is gentle yet effective and created for all skin types.  It removes makeup but gentle enough that it doesn’t dry the skin out.  The White Tea toner helps refresh and rebalance the skin to prep for proper absorption of serums, moisturizers, and SPF.  Many people skip the toner and this can easily cause pores to get blocked and inflamed.  Once the skin is happy it is ready to accept a different array of Serums we offer. These are designed to target different skin concerns and outcomes.  Whether it be to repair, brighten, or exfoliate we have every option to create our patient’s personalized at home skincare routine.  Lastly, we tie in a moisturizer if needed as well as SPF.  Protecting from sun exposure for acne prone skin is vital.  Thinking extra sun exposure will dry out breakouts is a myth.  UV rays damage the skin, weakening their barriers and causing moisture loss. This would seem like a solution to acne at first but your body then overproduces sebum to try to re-balance what is natural.  At Dermablue we think of the skin like a canvas.  Good artists use the best paints and products to prep and beautify their canvas for quality results.  Dr. Lamond skin care products are all created without parabens, sulfates, and phthalates all of which can inflame breakouts as well as cause other issues.

As many options as we have at Dermablue for Acne breakout treatment, there are times where hormones and diet play a huge role.  Our sister company, Blue Sky MD, has all the answers to regulating hormone levels and food choices to incorporate treatment because something like acne can be triggered by a combination of sources.  Seeing the big picture years ago, Blue Sky MD and Dermablue were created with total patient care in mind.  We don’t want fix half of the problem. We want to be able to fix the whole problem.  For more Blue Sky MD information and locations Click here.

There’s no other way to say it- Acne is inconvenient. At one time or another everyone has experienced a period of aggravated and embarrassing breakouts.  With so many triggers it is hard to pinpoint the cause without help and that is one of the many reasons why we are here.  With so many facets of life, we believe strongly that acne does not need to be a part of that.

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