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At, DermaBlue, treating hyperpigmentation is one of our most frequent inquiries. People look in the mirror and see discoloration that seems more prominent than it used to be and are ready to lighten it so their skin appears more even toned and healthy. With many different sources of hyperpigmentation, most people find a professional who can determine the source and type of discoloration to choose a correct and most efficient treatment plan.

Sun Damage

Sun damage is the most common cause of Hyperpigmentation. Melanin acts as a natural sunscreen to protect our skin from harmful rays. With sun exposure the melanin starts to overproduce which causes darkening of the skin (tanning) to damaging the skin (burning) and then over time increasing our normal aging process prematurely. No one wants that but we all tend to skip the sun protection every now and then.  Wear Sunblock.  Wear a Hat.  It all helps.

As time passes and hyperpigmentation areas start to surface we realize the final outcome of those outside sun exposure times and the damage that was done. These areas become more prominent in different forms. They can occur as a group of spots as well as individually and also vary in color between browns and almost black appearing as well as flat. Even “safely” tanning damages the elastin in our skin over time. This causes loss of firmness which ages us significantly.


Another common type of hyperpigmentation falls into the Melasma category. Melasma presents itself more like a larger patch of brown or greyish discoloration. These patches seem to be more obvious when exposed to the sun. Sometimes there isn’t a defined line of pigmentation variation but more of a “mask” effect where an area seems darker without obvious borders. Many melasma cases are due to hormonal changes like pregnancy. When there is an influx of certain hormones the melanin can start to overproduce creating mask-like areas mostly on the face.

Laser Skin Care

Laser treatments are most effective these days for diminishing hyperpigmentation. The appointments are quick and pigmentation is lifted with each visit which is encouraging towards final results. SPF use is vital moving forward to not create new melanin overproduction. Our most popular Dr. Lamond skincare product is the Daily SPF 40 Moisturizer which we put on you before you leave and have available for purchase for daily use. This sunscreen has all the elements we want- no smell, non-greasy and a nice tint to blend in nicely with most skin tones. Between completing laser treatments and having a sunscreen product that they will actually use, patients leave feeling accomplished and looking forward to their future with healthier skin.

Protect Yourself from the Sun

We can’t go back and change our sun exposure decisions or change what causes Melasma but at Dermablue we can help you reduce and remove some of the visible side effects. Not only are our patients making a commitment to healthier skin, they are also making a lifestyle change to protect their skin as much as possible moving forward.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming specials for hyperpigmentation and melasma, to jumpstart your journey to healthy skin!