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It’s summer time and our favorite specials have arrived!! This quarter we are spotlighting our Laser Facial treatments and our Injectable services! Our patients wait all year long for this one! So, why is this our favorite spotlight?

It is because EVERYONE is a candidate for these services! And they work so well in combination together. It’s the perfect duo to have your skin ready for the Summer and into the Fall.

Our Laser Facial treatment is one of a kind! No matter what skin care products and routines we use our skin still needs professional attention. In addition to providing a deep cleanse this treatment also provides measures for additional correction and prevention. When our patients come in for their Laser Facial treatment, we want to know what their specific skin concerns and goals are. That gives us an accurate idea of how to personalize their appointment and that’s what provides the stellar results we are seeing! The best part is there is NO downtime and NO pain!

Leading Benefits:

    • Deep Cleaning – this treatment vaporizes dirt and removes bacteria as it gently exfoliates the skin. Dead skin cells can clog our pores which keeps our skincare products from effectively absorbing into the skin as needed. This also creates an atmosphere for blackheads and breakouts. Once dirt and dead skin cells are removed our happy and radiant skin instantly shows up!
    • Tightening and Firming – the Laser Facial targets fine lines and wrinkles as it is re-stimulating collagen to tighten and firm the skin. Laxity is a sure sign in the aging process and a monthly Laser Facial keeps our skin looking and feeling more youthful. Not only will you see this right away but it will continue with multiple treatments and be long lasting.
    • Correction and Brightening – this treatment targets complexion issues such as unevenness, scarring and pigmentation and breaks this up over time to create more uniform tone to our skin. The skin will feel softer, refreshed and smoother overall.

July-September enjoy…
Laser Facials at 50% OFF normal price!!!

Trust us, you’ll love what you see! Not only is this treatment great for events coming up to brighten and exfoliate but the long-term effects of tightening the skin and clarifying the pores really make it amazing!

Wait, there’s more! Whether you’re a seasoned Botox/Xeomin and dermal filler user or considering it for the first time this is an ideal time to come in!


What is it?
Botox/Xeomin is a product we use to soften lines around our face like the forehead, crow’s feet etc. Our goal with this “neuro-toxin” is to suspend the muscle movements in those areas that cause fine lines and wrinkles over time from our daily repeated movement.

Common Myth “I don’t want to look frozen”

At Dermablue our goal is to help our patients look completely natural! It’s possible to feel beautiful and youthful with some help from Neuro-Toxins without the fear of looking frozen. With our skilled injectors we strategically treat the face to soften movements but still offer some movement in those areas.

Dermal Fillers

What is it?
When we use fillers at Dermablue we are looking to replace volume that has been lost over time due to aging. It happens to all of us gradually (unfortunately, right?) but thanks to different Dermal Fillers we can work against the clock to maintain that youthful and natural appearance without resorting to surgical options. With a free consultation we do the hard work and determine which fillers are best for you and how many syringes would be best for desired outcome!

Our goal at Dermablue is to help our patients look completely natural! It is possible to feel beautiful and youthful with some help from neurotoxins and fillers. Our skilled injectors strategically treat our patients to soften lines and lift wrinkles to feel much better about themselves inside and out!

July-September enjoy…
$10 per unit Botox/Xeomin
$50 off each syringe of Juvederm, Belotero and Vollure products
AND $200 off Voluma syringes

Again, all you need to do is call us and come in for a complimentary consultation to get started! We will help you decide the best treatment plan for you and which products we would use!

(828) 585-5489 or (828) 685-2917

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