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Have you been looking in the mirror lately and wishing your lips had that little bit of POP they used to have? Our lips age just like the rest of our face and sometimes they tend to be the last thing we think about when we are wanting to look younger and refreshed.

This is exactly why we have our LIP event at Dermablue! Lips are so important that they get their own day! Our lips appear thinner as we age-, especially on top. It makes us seem like we are frowning even though we are having a great day and also makes wearing lipstick not nearly as fun as it used to be.

What may seem daunting to some people actually turns out to be their favorite anti-aging treat! After all, Lips are the most expressive feature on a woman’s face. We deserve to keep them looking good!

Here at Dermablue we want our patients to come in prepared and ready to say hello to their upgraded lips! Here’s some common information that we review frequently.

Not every injector is the same– Injecting is an art just like any other Aesthetic services. At Dermablue we love the vision and creativity that both of our injectors express- especially with the LIPS! Confidence is at an all time high when our patients return for follow ups and we love hearing about it! Some of our patients talk about how they enjoy putting lipstick on again. They didn’t realize how unenthusiastic they were until they had their lips filled. Others discuss how they frequently get compliments on how young, happy and healthy they look.  What makes a good injector is when others don’t notice you’ve had filler but they notice you look amazing and can’t figure out exactly what it is!

Lip Filler feels the same as real lips– first time Lip patients often wonder what their lips will feel like afterwards. Will you be able to feel the filler? Will it make my lips hard? Will it be uneven and noticeable in a bad way? The answer to all these questions is NO- thankfully!  Filler is made to feel silky smooth and plush just like natural youthful lips feel.

Results are almost immediate– That’s right, you can leave after your filler appointment and be able to admire right away! Realistically there will be some slight swelling and bruising.  This is normal and will be temporary. We advise our patients to use ice, avoid Motrin, Limit Alcohol intake, don’t touch, and keep propped up. With the right pre and post care your lips will be looking fabulous quickly!

Come join us on February 5th to see what lip filler can do for you! We are taking consultations all day long at both our Hendersonville and Asheville office! This is the time to do something for yourself! Your lips will thank you for it!


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