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Holiday Spotlight: Laser Facial

We preach all day long about the importance of taking care of our skin. Routinely our face needs a deep cleanse and extra attention but how many of us actually do that? These days, traditional facials are a thing of the past. While they may be relaxing most people have limited time for self-care especially when it comes to their skin. The truth is that without doing the routine maintenance our other treatments and products are limited in what they are fully capable of doing for us.

At Dermablue we’ve recognized the need for an affordable and quick monthly treatment that has all the benefits of a facial but also provides extra measures for correction and prevention. We took our already popular “Hollywood Peel” and reformulated it to be our NEW Laser Facial complete with full customization per patient based on their skin type, skin concerns and overall skin goals. Not to mention this happens with no downtime and no pain!

Key Benefits:

Deep Cleaning – this treatment vaporizes dirt and removes bacteria as it gently exfoliates the skin. Dead skin cells can clog our pores which keeps our skincare products from effectively absorbing into the skin as needed. This also creates an atmosphere for blackheads and breakouts. Once dirt and dead skin cells are removed our happy and radiant skin instantly shows up!

Tightening and Firming – the Laser Facial targets fine lines and wrinkles as it is re-stimulating collagen to tighten and firm the skin. Laxity is a sure sign in the aging process and a monthly Laser Facial keeps our skin looking and feeling more youthful. Not only will you see this right away but it will continue with multiple treatments and be long lasting.

Correction and Brightening – this treatment targets complexion issues such as unevenness, scarring and pigmentation and breaks this up over time to create more uniform tone to our skin. The skin will feel softer, refreshed and smoother overall.

Additional Customization: Our Laser Facial technicians make sure that this treatment never turns into your normal cookie cutter facial. Every patient has different needs and concerns and we make sure to have the answer to all of them. During treatment we piece together addons such as peel concoctions, masks and aftercare products that further promote results. Also, many patients realize the need to not only treat their face but continue with the neck and chest. These areas reveal our age and it’s best to treat them together if possible. We can provide all of this and more during your appointments with us.

At Dermablue we are proud to offer many options for skin rejuvenation and our Laser Facial is a perfect way to begin the process! No matter how old our patients are this treatment provides correction and prevention without downtime or emptying the piggy bank. Even better, it is on special until the end of 2018! Look at your calendar and call us today to book your first treatment!

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