We have seen amazing outcomes with our patients who suffer from thinning hair and seek help with our PRP Hair Restoration treatment.  When hair issues affect daily life and overall confidence, we strongly suggest looking for what’s causing premature hair thinning/loss.

At Dermablue we offer a detailed and comprehensive initial office visit to begin the individual analysis of each patient’s story.  Joyce is passionate to find out the root cause to her patient’s problems whether it be hair loss, rosacea, acne, sun damage and others.  She will talk at length with her patient about their experience with changes in their hairline.  When did it start? What was life like then? All of this helps piece together the puzzle to find answers.

Some associating factors to hair loss that Joyce examines:

Genetics: This type of hair loss is known as androgenetic alopecia.  You can inherit this gene from mother or father’s side of the family and it will be more likely to impact you if you get it from both sides.  Women can start seeing this type of hair loss start as early as their teens to 20’s and the earlier it starts the more severe it generally becomes.  Hair loss will start happening around the crown of the head and/or the part.

Hypothyroidism: The thyroid is a gland that produces a crucial hormone to support overall bodily function.  It is responsible for helping with metabolism, regulating body temperature and supporting the health of your hair, skin and nails.  When your thyroid produces too little of the hormone it can cause issues with unexplainable weight gain.  This is caused by slowing down metabolism which would cause hair loss.

Iron Deficiency Anemia- Iron is one of the most important minerals for your hair.  Women who have heavy monthly periods and don’t replenish with enough iron enriched foods could experience Anemia which is caused by low numbers of red blood cells. This can result in hair loss.

If a patient’s hair loss doesn’t seem to fall into these categories, we know that PRP Hair Restoration is a good option for them to see some positive changes.  PRP stands for “Platelet Rich Plasma”.  Platelets are most used for clotting our blood but they also contain hundreds of proteins called growth factors which are very important to healing.  Especially when our body recognizes it as its own.  We perform a quick lab draw for our patient to separate their platelets and then multiply them to where its 5-10 x more concentrated with growth factors.  Once injected in the affected areas it can promote new and healthier growth over time.

There’s a few more weeks left to get started and take advantage of our PRP Hair Restoration special (buy 3 get the 4th for FREE).  With a series of treatments, we can help you regain what you’ve noticed has changed over time and possibly sooner than you had expected.  Our patients leave with restored Confidence and that is our goal!