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Renuva vs. Sculptra: Comparing Ways to Restore Volume

Looking to restore lost volume? These days there is an overwhelming variety of options, thanks to a wide spectrum of fillers and injectables available on the market.

Recently, Sculptra and Renuva have gained traction as go-to alternatives to hyaluronic fillers. While HA fillers can sometimes look “too good to be true”, these treatments are touted for their longer-lasting, and more natural-looking volume restoration.

So what’s the difference between Renuva and Sculptra? Let’s dive in.

Sculptra and Renuva: What’s the Difference?

These treatments both offer a non-invasive way to enhance and rejuvenate various areas of the body, but they have distinct differences in terms of their composition, mechanism of action, and potential benefits.

Sculptra: Lifting and Collagen Stimulation

Sculptra, an FDA-approved dermal filler, is a widely used treatment designed to restore facial volume and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Unlike traditional fillers that provide immediate results, Sculptra works gradually by stimulating the body’s natural collagen production.

Collagen is a common protein that contributes to skin structure, firmness, and elasticity. As we age, collagen production inevitably decreases, leaving us with sagging skin and wrinkles—and in some cases a hollowing of the cheeks.

Sculptra’s primary active ingredient is poly-L-lactic acid, which helps stimulate collagen production at the injection site. Sculptra typically involves a series of injections spread out over the course of a few months, allowing for natural collagen to grow, producing subtle and natural-looking results.

While Sculptra is most commonly applied to the cheeks or face, it can also be applied to other areas like the décolletage (lower neckline).

Renuva: Fat Grafting Redefined

Renuva, on the other hand, is a relatively newer treatment for volume loss. It offers an alternative to traditional fat grafting techniques, which involve the surgical removal of fat from one area of the body and its injection into another area. Renuva eliminates the need for surgery by utilizing a processed form of allograft adipose tissue – essentially, donor fat tissue – which is injected into the target area to restore volume.

One of the key advantages of Renuva is its minimally invasive nature. It requires only local anesthesia and involves a simple injection procedure. The treatment can be used to enhance areas such as the buttocks, hands, breasts, and even the face. While Renuva’s effects are not permanent, it offers a convenient option for those seeking subtle volume enhancements without the downtime associated with surgery.

Comparing Sculptra and Renuva

  1. Mechanism of Action
    • Sculptra: Stimulates collagen production for gradual and natural results.
    • Renuva: Utilizes processed donor fat tissue for immediate volume enhancement.
  2. Treatment Areas
    • Sculptra: Primarily used for facial rejuvenation.
    • Renuva: Can be used in various body areas, including the face, buttocks, breasts, and hands.
  3. Procedure
    • Sculptra: Requires a series of sessions over several months.
    • Renuva: A single session with minimal downtime.
  4. Results
    • Sculptra: Results appear gradually and can last up to 2 years.
    • Renuva: Immediate results that can last around 9-12 months.
  5. Invasiveness
    • Sculptra: Non-invasive, injection-based procedure.
    • Renuva: Minimally invasive, injection-based procedure.

Choosing between Sculptra and Renuva depends on individual goals, preferences, and areas of concern. Sculptra’s collagen-stimulating properties make it an excellent choice for those seeking gradual, natural-looking results for facial rejuvenation.

Renuva offers an innovative solution for non-surgical volume enhancement in various body areas, with immediate results and minimal downtime.

Whether you’re considering Sculptra or Renuva, remember that both treatments have their unique benefits, and the decision should align with your aesthetic goals and comfort level. Schedule a free consultation with our providers to determine the most suitable treatment for your specific needs.

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