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Is Scarring Treatable? Types of Scars and Scarring Treatments

Think of the skin as one big seamless organ. Its job is to protect everything encased inside of it such as bones and other vital organs. When the skin is disrupted in some way such as an injury, a burn or surgery a scar will ultimately form. Many of these scars are small and inconspicuous resulting in little affect to daily life. When they are larger or in areas that are clearly visible this can alter normal life. When that happens it’s time to look into possible treatment for these scars.

There are many options to help the way a scar looks and change its appearance. At DermaBlue we think it is important to offer as many options as we can to help our patients achieve the best life they can.

Our body naturally repairs any injury that happens to the skin. The severity of the scar depends of the severity of the injury. If it’s a surface level injury there will be new skin created and usually leaves minimal to no scarring.

On the other hand, if the deeper layers of the skin are affected then the body makes tissue that’s thicker than the skin to repair—which results in a scar.

There are different types of scars which many times helps decide which treatment will reduce its appearance the best. Most scars are flat and can appear discolored which changes depending on how long it’s been since formation. But there are other types that reflect how the scar was created or how the body responded to that injury.

Keloid Scars

A “keloid” scar is one where the body created tissue in excess. This causes the scar to be raised and extend beyond the original injury. Possible treatment options (as directed by your medical professional) can be steroid injections and laser among others.

There are pros and cons to each of these options so patients are encouraged to decide which is better than the actual scar itself.

Hypertrophic Scars

Hypertrophic scars appear to be raised (not to the extent of a Keloid) and red in color.

This type of scar is actually abnormal amount of collagen that formed in response to an area of inflammation such as acne, piercings, cuts and burns. These scars can also be lightened with injections, laser, and microneedling treatments.

Acne Scars

Acne scars have their own category. Some scars are called “icepick”. These scars are usually narrow but deep. These scars are hard to treat due to how deep they are but not impossible. Options such as chemical peels and Laser Resurfacing can help lessen their appearance.

Rolling Scars

“Rolling” acne scars appear like rolling hills over the skin. They are shallow and wavy and can lessen in appearance if the skin Is pulled taught. This type of scar is usually from prolonged inflamed acne and unfortunately seems more obvious as the normal aging process takes place due to volume loss underneath the skin.

At Dermablue we are thankful to offer Bellafill to fix this type of acne scar. Bellafill is FDA cleared to improve the appearance of acne scars and promote new healthy skin to develop in that area. The scars are lifted from their tie downs and filler is placed underneath to give immediate correction.

Boxcar Scars

“Boxcar” scars are similar to rolling scars but have more defined edges. They too can be treated nicely with filler or laser treatments.


Another culprit that tags along with scarring is Hyperpigmentation. Technically this isn’t scarring but it is commonly misinterpreted as scarring which causes confusion with treatment plans and outcomes. When the body is healing an area of injury or inflammation it can produce extra melanin and in response leave a mark of hyperpigmentation.

Sometimes this can clear up on its own over time. Other times some help is needed to even out the skin tone. Topical options like hydroquinone or retinols can help exfoliate the pigmentation over the course or time. Lasers can treat quicker by targeting the pigment specifically and breaking it up. To someone who has already dealt with the scarring as well as what caused it- it is very important to finish the process by lifting the pigmentation.

At DermaBlue, we treat our patients from start to finish offering options for most scenarios to not only help scarring but also treat what may cause scarring before it gets to that point such as acne. As a team we work together to formulate the best treatment plan specific to that patient for their best outcome. Scarring can have negative impact without treatment.

Concerned or frustrated with scarring? Contact us today or schedule an appointment online and we will find a treatment together that can provide the relief you need.


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