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Exfoliation treatment should be a regular part of your skincare regimen, but the majority of us skip this crucial step for maintaining a healthy skin glow. Exfoliation is the removal of the oldest dead skin cells on the skin’s surface. If we don’t remove old skin cells, they can build up and cause the skin to look dull, dry and rough. Not exactly the look you’re going for, right? After exfoliation, new skin cells will be exposed and the moisturizing products you use will be able to do their job and penetrate the skin more deeply so they are more effective!

Check Out These Top 4 Skin Concerns Exfoliation Can Help Resolve:

ACNE AND CLOGGED PORES: When you have acne, the first thought that comes to your mind is wash! Many of us think if we wash our face often, then it will help us to be blemish free. However, over washing can dry out the skin, especially when using harsh acne products. When our skin is over-dry, we create more dry skin buildup which then traps oil in skin. Then what happens? MORE ACNE, which is a little counterproductive! Exfoliation treatment will remove surface dry skin cells and less oil will stay trapped in the pores helping you to be blemish free!

ACNE SCARS AND HYPER-PIGMENTATION: Any kind of skin discoloration can be frustrating and is a reason to exfoliate. Whether it’s dark marks from acne or brown spots from other life changes like pregnancy, hormones or just aging in general. Exfoliation treatment encourages the formation of new healthy skin cells and can help to break up the pigmented cells allowing them to fade.

DRY SKIN: Everyone, at some point in your life, has had dry skin. Some people naturally have drier skin and others only get it in the Winter when the elements are a bit more harsh. Automatic thoughts are to head to the nearest drug store and load up on the heaviest facial cream they have, but why would you try to re-hydrate dry, dead skin cells? You first need to exfoliate so the new skin cells are exposed. If not, skin rehydration will not be successful.

WRINKLES: As we age, it’s inevitable our skin will start to get some wrinkles. Naturally, our skin will lose its elasticity and become a little thinner and drier. Exfoliation treatment can help to regenerate the skin, helping you to look and feel younger.

There are many options for skin exfoliation. Some treatments can be done on a regular basis at home, while other deeper procedures will need to be done at a dermatologist office. These can include laser resurfacing, microneedling, peels and facials.

For best exfoliation results, talk to your dermatology office. They can recommend the best treatment options to help you have the healthiest skin possible!

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