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Surprising Coolsculpting Myths

We all want to maintain a toned and healthy body. This takes consistency and dedication with diet, exercise, sleep patterns and overall health. Even after being devout to these behaviors, there can still be stubborn focal areas that need extra attention to lose the lingering fat tissue. This is a frequent story we hear from our body contouring patients. They have worked hard and noticed results except for those few areas and are at the point of frustration. They’ve watched our commercials and social media spotlights with Coolsculpting and finally made the phone call to find out how this treatment can help them.

With so many treatment options, devices, and “quick fixes” on the market there can be many misconceptions with Coolsculpting that we clarify daily. It can be overwhelming to choose which option is best suited for the patient individually. That’s why we meet our patients for a consultation first to get to know them specifically in regards to their goals, current habits, and activities, and desired outcomes.

Myth #1: Coolsculpting is a Weight Loss Alternative

While Coolsculpting is a great addition to lifestyle changes such as diet and exercises it alone does not change the scale. An ideal candidate for Coolsculpting is one that has already implemented healthy behaviors at home but needs some additional help with smaller areas of focalized tissue. Coolsculpting is not designed to provide weight loss and those who look for that outcome do find disappointment. Each Coolsculpting treatment targets 20%-25% of fat cells in that designated area. If the other cells are also shrinking due to at-home weight control the outcome combined is more dramatic than by itself.

Myth #2: Coolsculpting will Tighten Skin

An innovative part of the Coolsculpting process is that the cold temperatures can reach and treat fat cells without affecting the skin. With that being said that also means there is no treatment towards the skin itself in the forms of tightening. If the skin seems to have good elasticity still then studies show it does seem to contract modestly with the fat that is disappearing. This is why most facilities also offer adjunct procedures such as Exilis for those Coolsculpting patients who have pre-existing laxity issues. It is important to have realistic expectations in regard to skin tightening. Coolsculpting is meant to be a non-invasive option for those who don’t want to have surgery not necessarily mimic the same types of results.

Myth 3: Coolsculpting is Only for the Abdomen

One fact that many find exciting is that Coolsculpting is FDA cleared for many different areas of the body. No longer are we only able to treat main areas like the abdomen or flanks. Now we are able to treat smaller areas on the chin and neck, arms, back, and knees. In available circumstances, we can treat other areas as well. Over 65% of Coolsculpting candidates Nationwide are interested in their midsection for treatment. That being said, once that area has met transformation the other smaller areas seem exciting to treat and a nice add-on to the patient’s personal main focus.

Myth 4: Coolsculpting will Yield INSTANT Results

Coolsculpting is a safe and effective treatment but it does not serve instant gratification with visible results. In many cases, results start to show around 4 weeks after treatment occurred. This continues till at least 4 months after the last treatment date. While to some that seem like a long wait it still holds value compared to the risks and downtime of traditional surgical body contouring options.

Myth 5: Coolsculpting is Painful

In a nutshell- Coolsculpting is COLD! It is non-invasive so there’s little room for pain to be involved. But cold sensations, temporary numbness, and tenderness are likely for the first few minutes of treatment. This is still minimal and tolerable. Patients watch TV, read, catch up on emails and even sleep!

Myth 6: Coolsculpting is for Everyone

Just like any cosmetic procedure, there are distinct indicators that define a good candidate for Coolsculpting. During a consultation, we look for treatment areas that are pliable and focally small. Patients who have already conquered at-home behaviors that hindered their body contouring goals, minimal skin laxity, and overall in good health also see the most impressive results.

Also listed are a few conditions that are contra indicators for Coolsculpting.

– Cryoglobulinemia
– Paroxysmal Cold Hemoglobinuria
– Lymphedema or other lymphatic system issues
– Fibromyalgia
– Eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, and other types of body dysmorphia

While Coolsculpting has permanent fat cell reduction it does not replace a healthy lifestyle, diet, and regular exercise. The longevity of the results will be dependent on how well the patient takes care of their body after treatment as it does not prevent future weight gain. At Dermablue we recognize that changing lifestyles towards a healthy future can be challenging. Our sister company, Blue Sky MD, is available to help start the journey in cases where our patients need a jumpstart prior to their Coolsculpting treatments. We strive to fit together all the puzzle pieces for total patient care and outcome! Patients who combine a healthy lifestyle at home with diet and exercise as well and their Coolsculpting treatment plan leave with happy, long-lasting results!

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