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Tick Tips and Tricks

Summer is approaching and with all this warmer weather the bugs are in full effect! Some bugs, like gnats, are just annoying but don’t pose any real threat to us besides driving us insane. However, there are several species you certainly want to be more mindful of and know how to treat the bite if bitten!

One in particular we’ve been hearing a lot about recently are ticks! You might just think your pets are at risk of getting these pesky and somewhat hard to kill critters but humans are also at risk, especially in an area where there are lots of trees and tall grass!

Ticks are part of the arachnid family and are pretty much just bloodsucking parasites that can carry diseases such as lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Yikes and no thanks!

To help protect yourself try these tick prevention tips:

  • Use a chemical repellent with DEET, permethrin or picaridin
  • Wear light-colored protective clothing so you can easily spot a tick if it gets on you
  • Tuck pant legs into socks to prevent them from getting inside your clothes
  • Avoid tick-infested areas (obviously)
  • Check yourself, your children and your pets daily during this prime season


However, despite all our efforts and tick prevention tips, we might still be a victim. If that happens here is a good video to know exactly the right way to rid yourself of these bloodsuckers!


Usually bites and stings can be taken care of at home, but if you experience any kind of reaction or start getting some flu like symptoms, please call DermaBlue Dermatology in Asheville, NC, today to schedule an appointment for tick bite treatment!

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