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The Eye-Opening Solution for Low-Lying Lids

Frustrated by eyelids that look tired or droopy? UPNEEQ is a new cosmetic product that’s changing the way people think about what’s possible when it comes to blepharoptosis, or low-lying lids.


What is Blepharoptosis?

Blepharoptosis is a common eyelid disorder that can affect adults of all ages and skin types. This disorder Can make eyes appear sleepy or tired, or make one eyelid appear more closed than the other. In some cases it can cause impaired vision and interferes with driving, reading, and other common activities that are necessary for everyday living. Until now, there has been little that can be done for this aggravating condition short of surgery.



Say goodbye to low-lying lids.

For some, it is uncomfortable to bring up concerns about low-lying lids. They may not know the cause is a common medical condition and can be treated topically.

If you’re interested in learning more about UPNEEQ®, contact our office or call us and we can explain more about the product. You should always ask your dermatologist before trying a new cosmetic products in case there is a potential for a side effect.

We now carry UPNEEQ in our locations in Asheville and Hendersonville. Call us or stop by to pick up your UPNEEQ during office hours!

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