Ways to Protect your Skin

Summer is in full swing this year! We can be exposed to sun in so many aspects even if it’s not specifically laying out by the pool. Keeping that in mind, here are some ways to make sure you are protecting your skin in every way you can to prevent sunburn, aging and skin cancer risks.

  1. Wear Sunscreen. This may seem obvious but so many people forget to apply SPF daily. We are exposed to damaging rays even in buildings and cars. It is important to protect your skin daily and make it a vital part of your morning routine. Unfortunately, many of our patients who are battling the affects of skipping the SPF admit that the only time they used it was on vacation and in the direct path of the sun. For a list of DermaBlue preferred sunscreens, click here.
  2. Avoid the hottest time of day. Certain times of the day are safer thank others to be in the sun. Avoiding the sun between 11am-4pm can help protect you from the hottest and harshest part of the day. If you are out at those times wear SPF and try to spend as much time in the shade as you can. Earlier in the morning or later in the evening tend to be less abrasive for overall exposure.
  3. Cover up! There are many lightweight materials for clothing options that can help protect your skin and keep you cool. Choose light colors- darker colors will hold the heat in. Darker doesn’t mean better protection. Don’t forget to wear a hat to help cover the face, ears, hair and scalp. Look for clothing that is UPF-rated. UPF stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor which measures what fraction of the sun’s UV rays can penetrate the fabric.
  4. Protect your eyes and lips. These two areas are extra tender and sensitive to the sun’s harsh rays. Find sunscreen that can be used around the eye as well as eyelids. Our eyes age so quickly so SPF is extra important there. Keep lip balm with SPF in your bag and make it a habit. Sunspots can easily pop up on these areas just like any other area of the skin.
  5. Say NO to tanning beds! Sometimes people overlook the real facts about tanning beds. Melanoma is on the rise and tanning bed usage seems to be fueling that significantly. Fake sun is still harmful. Tan glowing skin can be achieved with topical lotions and will help keep your skin healthy long term.
  6. Keep your skin hydrated and moist. Water is SO important in all situations but especially when you are outside in the sun as well as sweating. Dehydrated skin causes another list of health issues including dry and cracked skin. Excessive sun exposure added on would be a bad idea.
  7. Visit your dermatologist. Everyone needs to schedule an annual Full Skin Exam to keep a documented overlook of your whole body. Many times, suspicious areas are hiding in places the patient can’t see on their own. This yearly appointment alone could save your life.

Make new habits this summer to better protect your skin and your overall health and aging patterns! It’s never too late to offer your body what it needs.

Sun lotion and sunglasses

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