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Skin cancer is a common and highly treatable form of cancer, if detected early. Regular skin cancer screenings with your dermatologist are crucial to early detection and treatment. However, you don’t need to wait around between visits to the dermatologist’s office simply wondering if you have any potential problem spots. You can check yourself regularly if you learn ABCDE’s of skin health listed below.

Know Your ABDCE’s

The ABCDEs of skin health refer to a set of criteria used to evaluate moles or other skin lesions for signs of melanoma, a type of skin cancer.

Here’s what each letter stands for:

A for Asymmetry

Scan each area on your body for moles that have irregular shapes or are not symmetrical, especially areas that are exposed to sun regularly. These may include the arms, shoulders, neck, face, and calves.

B for Border:

Moles with irregular, ragged, or blurred borders are a possible sign of melanoma.

C – Color:

Look for moles that have varying colors or are different from the typical color of other moles on your body.

D – Diameter:

Check for moles that are larger than 6mm (about the size of a pencil eraser). While some moles are naturally larger than 6mm, it is important to note the size and shape of large moles and monitor for any signs of growth.

E – Evolving:

Look for moles that are changing in size, shape, color, or other characteristics over time.

Remember, not all moles that display these characteristics are cancerous.It’s important to keep track of any suspicious moles and to get them checked by a dermatologist immediately if changes are observed.

What to do in addition to the ABCDE’s

Wear Sun Screen

Protecting your skin is the easiest way to prevent melanoma. Be sure to wear sunscreen with enough SPF protection to match the length of time you’ll be spending outdoors in the sun.

Get a Regular Skin Cancer Screening

Regular skin checks from a dermatologist can ensure that you’re not just guessing about your health if you do spot any troubling moles or dark spots. Schedule your next skin exam at DermaBlue today by contacting us or scheduling online.