At Dermablue we proudly offer top notch Thread Lift results for our patients! While laser and dermal fillers offer refining results for skin texture, volume loss and collagen stimulation we wanted to add an option for non-surgical skin lifting. Our goal is to provide a broad spectrum of services that can be of value with great results instead of heading towards the surgical route that may not be necessary.

What is a Thread Lift?

For patients who have light to moderate skin laxity we suggest using this technique to provide a subtle and nature lift in the treated area.

A temporary suture is placed strategically to secure the skin into place with ease. Patients will notice an immediate lift and improvement to their skin laxity.

These threads then stimulate the body’s natural “healing response” which sends large flow of collagen to the treated areas. Increased collagen is favorable in so many ways. Collagen helps keep our skin strong and supported. As we age, collagen is produced less and less which leads to extra skin which creates the appearance of wrinkles over time. Not only will thread treatments provide a modest lift to the skin but it also improves the area with better tone and firmness to provide beautiful results over time.

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Why combine a Thread Lift with other treatments? Our treatment providers at Dermablue strongly believe that our best Thread Lift results evolve when it is paired with other necessary treatments such as laserBotox, or Dermal Fillers. Most of our patients have multiple concerns for their face they would like to address. When our patients commit to treating their face in multiple aspects, they are more than satisfied with their improvement.

Laser treatments such as CO2 resurfacing can target pigmentation issues, sun damage, scarring, pore size and overall collagen stimulation.

This treatment is a popular choice for patients who need to address multiple skin conditions and concerns that can be done at the same time. Botox injections will soften fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and forehead that is caused by muscle movement. Over time, the repetition of these expressions creates horizontal lines across the forehead, “11’s” in between the brows, and crow’s feet around the eyes. Staying on a routine for Botox treatments will make the appearance of these lines significantly less and help with other issues such as modestly lifting the brow area which tends to feel heavy as we age.

Dermal Fillers pair together with Thread Lifts to supply both additional volume and skin lifting. Think of the threads as the support structures for the filler to lay with to work together. One without the other still needs additional attention to provide complete expected results.

To complete 2018 we have Filler and Threadlift combos as a special until the end of December! With any filler purchase you can receive an area thread lift for 50% off. If you’ve been curious what the combination of these treatments can do for you- this is the time to come see us! This year has been our best one yet for so many reasons and we are grateful to be able to extend these opportunities for you to try new treatments and services for a more healthy and youthful appearance.

As a reminder we now have an office in Hendersonville as well as South Asheville to be as convenient as possible for our patients! Complimentary consultations are provided at both locations to get started! Call us today!


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