The world of body-contouring took on a whole new direction when came to Dermablue. To be able to offer our patients realistic and effective treatment solutions for unwanted fat has been a game changer and we are loving every minute of it!

Our philosophy at Dermablue has always been to create an individualized treatment plan for each patient to meet their specific needs. In doing so, we combine multiple treatment options to reach a desired outcome.

Our team of treatment providers all play a key role in the outcomes our patients receive. For years we have combined laser treatments, botox and dermal fillers to help create the “big picture”. Paired with a solid skincare regimen and realistic maintenance our patients were thrilled with outcomes!

Body Contouring at Dermablue is no different! By putting together a plan to incorporate Coolsculpting, Exilis, Ultherapy and Emsculpt we can achieve the best possible results that give our patients their confidence back. Our main objective is to help patients feel good about themselves again.

Coolsculpting is most likely always Phase 1 with Body Contouring. Fat tissue in the treatment area that can be pinched and squeezed usually is a perfect candidate to reduce some volume in that area. All other treatment choices work best once some tissue volume is decreased. Think about it, if we can remove the majority of what’s covering up those abdominal muscles (for instance) then we can get to that structure with Emsculpt to tone and define to a more refined result. The truth is we all have areas that we can pinch!

What’s great about Coolsculpting is we can be creative with where we treat on the body and what we use as further refinement for treatment. Emsculpt tightens and builds muscles in the abdomen and booty while Ultherapy and Exilis offer collagen building and skin tightening. We can even go further with using filler and threads to help replace lost volume and relieve the appearance of laxity.

It’s time for our next Coolsculpting event! Please join us on Thursday May 30th for two different seminar choices at our Dermablue office in Arden to learn more about how Coolsculpting can help you as well as see a LIVE Coolsculpting treatment in action. Free assessments will be available for treatment plan and pricing! Soon to be announced SPECIAL offers on this day so stay tuned!!!

Call us (828)585-5489 to save your spot- and bring your friends!! We can’t wait to see you!

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