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One of our favorite and most versatile options at Dermablue is our microneedling treatment. We love when it’s the time for it to be on special because we get to highlight an opportunity for our patients to see many different types of results without having to do multiple services.

What is Microneedling? The basic concept of microneedling is that we use a device called the C-Pin which delivers a series of rapid channels into the skin. Think of it as making tiny tunnels really close together. Our brain receives signals from this and responds as if the skin has been injured and tells our skin to go into a healing process. During this induced healing process our body creates new and healthier collagen and elastin which promotes healthier, plumper and hydrated looking skin. It also makes the skin appear lifted and tighter. If there is an issue with problems such as acne scars, fine lines, photo-aging, dull skin, or texture inconsistencies the presence of new collagen and a healthier structure helps lessen the appearance of these issues.

At Dermablue, we like to take it a step further for maximum patient results. We feel strongly that as Asheville’s leading dermatology and medical aesthetic provider it is our job to deliver as much as we can to our patients to meet the needs of their skin health and appearance.

That’s why they came to see us in the first place! Think of those small tunnels as when we fertilize our grass- this is a great opportunity to apply a topical agent or growth factor to soak deep to the roots to provide extra healing and development. By applying Hyaluronic Acid or PRP we are giving the skin a more extensive opportunity to correct and transform appearance.

What is PRP? PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma– meaning we apply on the skin the patient’s own growth factors to amp up the body’s response to healing. The body recognizes this substance as something of it’s own and start to encourage collagen production as soon as it’s absorbed. PRP is so versatile in the medical aesthetic industry- it can be applied topically or injected to mimic a more natural option to dermal fillers.

Many people ask… is Microneedling only for the face? The answer is, absolutely not! Our most popular area is the face and neck but we have had great outcomes with other body areas. The décolleté, hands, stretch mark areas such as abdomen, hips and thighs, and areas where acne scars are present. This treatment can adapt to almost anything we are trying to improve and correct.

Another way we use microneedling is as a maintenance treatment after patients have Laser Resurfacing. Laser Resurfacing is a spectacular way to revive the skin on a deep level with fine lines, wrinkles, browns, texture issues, sun damaged areas and loose skin. Down the road after healing our patients like having the option to maintain their results from Resurfacing long term with microneedling.

Remember, this treatment is on special until the end of September! It’s a great time to get started on repairing your skin!

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