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If you’re like us, skin care products can be extremely overwhelming. Most of us have to back up in  the moment when we  start to read the front of the bottles. There seems to be a million different skin types, ingredients, and skin conditions that can be “easily” remedied.

So, here at DermaBlue we’ve done the hard work for you!

1. Find a cleanser that fits your skin type. The first step to happy skin is clean skin.

Cleansers come in all different shapes and sizes.  One thing that is important regardless of any other factors- choose one that is free of harmful detergents and surfactants.  Skin is not meant to sustain these types of ingredients and be able to show healthy benefit.

Need help identifying your personal skin type? First, start with knowing what classifies our skin.  How much or little oil our skin produces is the main factor (Diet, exercise, medications, stress, and environmental elements all play a key role in oil production).Oily Skin- Shiny, enlarged pores, may experience more blackheads and blemishes

Dry Skin- appears scaly and flaky, feels tight and dry to the touch

Aging/Sun Damaged Skin- fine lines and wrinkles that start around the eyes, mouth and forehead. Hyperpigmentation starts to present itself and skin may appear loose

Sensitive Skin- may seem red and easily irritated, delicate skin with fine pores and broken capillaries

Combination Skin- most common skin type.  Medium sized pores, Oily T-Zone but other areas are smooth and dry

Normal Skin- Most rare skin type.  Even texture and tone, no noticeable problems or pigmentation issues, pores are small and overall healthy glow

2. Toner…. Rebalance

Our natural pH can easily be off track after a long day of makeup and different environmental factors. Toner is often times skipped when its benefits are most important.  Toners are formulated to restore the natural pH levels, prep the skin for your next product, sooth and refresh as well as remove particles such as leftover makeup from the skin.

3. Exfoliation

Did you know that exfoliation is the KEY for any facial products to effectively do their job? When talking skin care at Dermablue we often hear patients say that their products/makeup seem to just sit on the skin making them feel dull, clogged, and cakey.  Here’s the reason- little to no exfoliation! Once the skin is cleared of dead skin cells and other residue our products can absorb effectively and get to work!

Types of exfoliants- scrubs, chemical, enzymes

What to avoid- harsh scrubs ( can make microscopic injuries to the skin and over time cause scarring.) harsh chemicals (can irritate the skin and dry out skin you are trying to make healthier.) Over exfoliation- too much of a good thing isn’t always the best way to go about it.

Our job at Dermablue is to make sure our patients are on the right path to being educated on how and what type of exfoliation is best for their specific skin type.  One thing we know for sure- glowing skin is always in.

4. Moisturize

We’ve heard this fact our whole life- our body is 2/3 water. It’s true, and there’s so many ways we take moisture out of our skin and need to replenish. All skin types need moisturizer in their regime, the key is finding the one that best suites your skin type. For more dry skin types look for creamy textures that are thicker and have ingredients that make a barrier to keep moisture in the skin. For more oily skin types look for water based moisturizers that are light and non-comedogenic meaning they won’t clog pores.

5. SPF

There’s no easy way to say it.  WEAR SPF.  Every day.  Cloudy days, rainy days, days where you don’t even step outside.  Implement it into your routine right now and never stray.  Pick a product that protects against UVA/UVB rays alike.  These rays are responsible for burning and aging the skin.  They can penetrate through windows (hence, wearing sunscreen indoors).  There are other free radicals in our environment that can damage our skin as well even if its not rays from the sun.  When you find an SPF product that fits with your skin type you won’t even notice you have it on.

Make sure to review the full list of Dermablues  approved skin care products.  – http://dermablue,com/cosmetic-skin-care/dr-lamond-skin-care/

Friends, you are worth quality skincare and a reliable routine.  Here at Dermablue we are trained to help guide you in the right direction with treatment plans and Dr. Lamond’s skincare products.  These products were formulated with every skin type and concern in mind without the use of harsh chemicals and ingredients.

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